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Restarting Your Job Search When All Else Fails - Vol 1

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If you woke up breathing, congratulations! You have another chance.” - Andrea Boydston

I remember really early in my career (probably before most of you were out of diapers) when we were living in the modern world of IBM XTs (with an Intel 8088 processor at 4.77 MHz, a hard drive of 10MB and 640kb of memory) and Lotus 1-2-3.

Spreadsheets were taking off, replacing all of that green ledger paper and handwritten analysis. You would spend hours building your spreadsheet (no tabs in those days) and every once in a while you would display your masterpiece (which showed profit growing by 600%!) to your boss only to find out that there were major formula errors.

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Switching Careers? How To Advertise Your Transferrable Skills

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While doing what you love is important, bringing home a paycheck often forces people to make a decision between pursuing their dreams and putting food on the table. Plus, the changes in the economy are driving many workers to make a choice right now to change careers paths.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, nor is it impossible to find an equivalent job in a different industry. You just need to rewrite your resume to advertise transferrable skills.

I recently wrote a resume for an actress who was having trouble getting her career off the ground. She wanted to be a personal assistant so she could have the flexibility to go on casting calls while still making rent money. At first she told me, “Acting is all I’ve ever done.”

Though she wasn’t sure what skills she could offer as a personal assistant, I found out through interviewing her that she was a stage manager for a time as well as a volunteer event planner for a major non-profit organization.

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Is Improper Use Of Social Networking Hurting Your Job Search?

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If you’re looking for a job in this tough employment market, having an online presence can definitely improve your chances of landing a position.  Sites like LinkedIn and Twitter allow you to make a professional statement and provide additional information to complement your resume.  However, understanding how to properly use these sites is essential to their helping you in your job search. Here are some things to avoid:

Including your personal reading list on your LinkedIn profile

Many LinkedIn users take advantage of the Amazon Reading List feature on their profiles.  This feature is a great way to show colleagues how you stay current on recent developments in your field.  It can also present you as a well-rounded candidate if you’re interested in professional topics outside your field—for instance, if you’re reading up on the stock market when you work in IT.  However, information on your reading list should follow the same guidelines you would follow for cocktail party conversation.  Mentions of religion, politics, or potentially controversial personal interests (i.e. hunting) don’t belong on your professional profile. They may cause a hiring manager with different views to decide they’d rather interview someone else for their opening.

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