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7 Computer Programming Languages To Watch

Maybe instead of watch I should say learn?

One of the most frequent questions I get from tech pros is something like:

So what is the next big thing?

What are companies looking for?

What should I get a certification in?

I can give a good answer on what Minnesota companies are looking for right now and maybe this next year but I am not sure I can see any further.

Mostly because my sight is on today to six months from now.

I did come across this article from InfoWorld and they list (with some reasoning) 7 languages that the enterprise is starting to use more of.

Click for the full article (yes they do list 8 but call the article 7):



The languages that you have mentioned might be rising in demand, but still the language which are in highest demand now is Java. I don't really see much requirements rising for Python.. Are you talking only about Minnesota or the whole US?

Here is a list of report that shows the IT skills that are in demand and the ones that are rising:

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