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My LinkedIn Profile Statistics

A couple (maybe a few by now) of weeks ago I noticed a new feature on LinkedIn.  When looking at my dashboard I have always seen this (I have a LinkedIn Pro account):

Minnesota Headhunter on LinkedIn 1

When I click on “9” I see the new personal profile stats which include the number of times my profile has been visited in the past 90 days:

Minnesota Headhunter on LinkedIn 2

And how many times I have appeared in a search:

Minnesota Headhunter on LinkedIn 3 

I can see the industry of those who viewed my profile (based on their profile setting):

Minnesota Headhunter on LinkedIn 4

I can also see Top Search Keywords which I have not put in this post because, well… I do not mind sharing most things but I like how people are finding me and I would rather keep that a secret.

There is a “Viewers by Geography” which is a world map and not a surprise that 95%+ of those visiting me are in the U.S.

I plan on watching this more closely as I have seen some trends (spikes) based on when I appear in articles, do presentations, etc.

I will also be paying attention to the “Staffing and Recruiting” and “Human Resources” and IT related visitors as I am doing my Q4 and 2011 marketing along with prepping to do IT contracting and consulting work. I expect these numbers to grow quite a bit.

For those who have a LinkedIn Pro account care to share your statistics in the comments below or by email?

I am curious to know what others are seeing.

While on the subject if you like to connect with me on LinkedIn click and use paul@mnheadhunter.com for the email address to send the invite to.

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I have Linked In Jobseeker and can see the same type of stats. Interesting to see who has been looking at my profile, but would love to know who the "Anonymous LinkedIn Users" are?? My personal take -- if you are looking at someone else, you should at least have the coutesy of saying who you are!:)

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