A Recruiter Calls You At Work, What Should You Do?
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Hiring Minnesota IT Pros? Need A Hand? Call Me

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It is time for me to practice what I preach. I tell people all the time they need to market themselves be it as an employee, consultant, employer or a business.

I say that you need to let people know you are available and if not know, build the relationship for down the road.

Disclaimer: I hate doing it for myself.

No really, I hate doing it.

Oh the irony...

But here I am in what might be the first time on my blog saying this, if you are:

  • sourcing and recruiting IT professionals and could use a hand...
  • working with search and consulting firms and they are not delivering...
  • hiring a team of IT folks...
  • wanting a relationship with a recruiter who is about relationships and not transactions...
  • stuck on a “purple squirrel” search and want someone to dedicate their time to it...
  • looking for someone to do a training session, half or full day for your recruiter and HR team...

... give me a call or send me an email.

A few times over the past months I have had a conversation with a friend and it goes a little something like this:

We had a search we needed help with but we know you are so busy with all the things you do we sent it to someone else.

And my response is something like this:

Stunned silence or self censoring my thoughts before they become words.

Clearly I need to do a better job at doing my job which is in part marketing my services.

Here is a slide deck I put together for a client. I did not spend a lot of time on it (way to go Paul) as they just needed something quick to pass on to their board.

I will work on it and make it look better but for now here goes:

So if you, someone you know or your company are hiring in the IT space and would like to make friends with a search firm guy like me give me a call or send an email.




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