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10 Things You Should Know About When Working With An Agency Recruiter

SmartMoney has 10 Things Employment Recruiters Won't Say and I have to say… I agree with most of what they say.

It should be noted that there are exceptions. While most Search Firm Recruiters, Agency Recruiters, Employment Recruiters are in the business for the transactions there are many of us who are in it for the relationships.

So not all of these fit for every Recruiter but it would be safe to start here. Do click the link above to see their explanations. I have put mine below:

1. “There are better ways to find a job.”

I do not know about better but working with someone like me is one of the many tools you should be using. Do not rely on any one thing or person to find you your next job.

2. “We don’t work for you.”

Absolutely true. While this Recruiter has your best interests in mind and my goal is to make you and my client happy (because then I had a really good day) it is the client who ultimately decides what is best for them and it is they who cut a check in my name.

3. “Until a year ago, I was a car salesman.”

Not in my case but I did work for Enterprise Rent A Car out of college. So maybe it part true :) Do some home work on the Recruiter and the Firm. You do this when finding a doctor, teacher, banker, etc so you should do so with your career.

4. “The job we advertised may not exist.”

Sad but true. I don’t but I know many who do and while it does not seem fair think about it from the other side and you too might do it.

5. “We already know quite a bit about you.”

Hell Yes. Maybe not the credit history and legal checks but I do frequently use a site like Pipl. Try it for yourself and see what you (or me) find.

6. “Our jobs aren’t so hot either.”

I call it 50/50. In my case if the client sucks to work with I have no interest in putting you there and I will move on to something else.

7. “You’re at the mercy of a computer, just like online job board users.”

I 100% disagree with this.

8. “The ‘temp-to-perm’ carrot is rotten.”

More often than it should be.

9. “If you have a job, I could get you fired.”

Technically true but you if you have done your homework on us then you have little to worry about. And I have not heard of this happening in a really long time.

10. “If I’m in Virginia, I probably won’t help you find a job in Nebraska.”

Mostly true. I focus on Minnesota so if you are looking for a gig in Silicon Valley I will be little if any direct help. Indirectly I may be able to refer you on to a colleague but not always.

I hope this helps.

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Wow. I was surprised how much I found on PIPL. Scary.

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