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Don’t Sabotage Your Job Search

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There are a couple of cardinal sins of job seeking that you should avoid at all cost. Here is a short list:

1. Never go around your recruiter and try to contact the hiring manager after you have spoken with the recruiter.

2. Never assume that a follow up interview will happen just because you have a good feeling.

3. Don’t send sales material to the hiring manager outside of the recruiter.

4. Don’t send generic cover letters.

5. Do not under any circumstance show up at the office and demand an interview.

6. Do not show a negative attitude toward your recruiter.

7. Do not assume that the recruiter will print out your resume and give it to all the managers.

8. Do not lie about you education or past salary.

9. Do not give references that will not give you a good reference.

10. Do not stalk the hiring manager with phone calls and emails if the recruiter has told you that you are no longer being considered.

Some of these seem obvious, but nevertheless day after day recruiters see examples of the most outlandish behavior. While some of these examples can be attributed to enthusiasm, others border on compulsive and even threatening behavior.

While you think that sending emails to a hiring manager may put you at the front of his list, it may completely turn them off.

If you are rude to your recruiter, you can instantly close the door to the opportunity that you covet.

Use common sense, and if you are about to do something drastic, sleep on it.

Good Luck!

Author: Boston Technical Recruiter

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