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13 Major Resume Mistakes

CareerBuilder has results from a survey that include “13 Most Memorable Resume Mistakes” which I have listed below.

Before getting to the funny unfortunate list here are some statistics from the survey of human resource managers and hiring managers:

  • 48% typically review 25 applications or less for open positions
  • 38% on average spend less than a minute reviewing a resume
  • 18% spend less than 30 seconds reviewing a resume
  • 79% pay more attention to resumes that are tailored to their open positions

13 Most Memorable Resume Mistakes:

  • Candidate put God down as a reference (no phone number).
  • Candidate listed her hobby as alligator watching.
  • Candidate claimed to be a direct descendant of the Vikings.
  • Candidate’s email address had “lovesbeer” in it.
  • Candidate listed “Master of Time and Universe” under his experience.

  • Candidate started off the application with "Do you want a tiger?"
  • Candidate specifically pointed out that he was not a gypsy.
  • Candidate’s condition for accepting the position was being allowed to bring his pet monkey to the workplace.
  • Candidate pointed out, "I'll have your job in five years."
  • Candidate sent a 24-page resume for a 5-year career.
  • Candidate put a picture of her cat on top of her resume.
  • Candidate declared himself the LeBron James of table games.
  • Candidate sent a video trying to hypnotize the HR manager into hiring him.

Wow, there are a lot of lessons to be learned from that list.

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