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Yes You Need A Resume

Minneapolis is blessed to have a great creative community filled with marketing, public relations, social media, designers, technologists and more.

We are also blessed to attract national speakers and thought leaders from all disciplines and with this comes a higher level of knowledge in our community than most other places.

Minneapolis/St Paul is a sweet place to be.

I am a HUGE fan of Seth Godin and Jeff Pulver who are both in Minneapolis today.

Unfortunately I have a head set screwed into my head today (this week) as I have call after call after call today.

As I usually do when I cannot make an event I follow the hashtag for the event so I can get a flavor of what is being shared. Never as good as being there but something is better than nothing.

I saw a Tweet that has raised the little hairs on the back of my neck and while I need to understand I am reading this out of context this blog post is necessary if this is even remotely close to what was meant:

Don't need a resume if you make yourself great, people will find you! If you want to be a cog have a resume! #SethGodinmpls

I cannot disagree more and before I do let me again state I am a fan of Seth Godin.

Maybe this is not what was meant or it was just a general thought in the room.

Moving on…

Why I disagree:

  • Most people do not have nor maintain an adequate professional network.
  • There are still a lot of talented people on the sideline without a job who should be employed even in this anemic recovery.
  • This recession should have been a lesson to everyone that we need to manage our career just as we manage our car, house, healthcare and other critical areas of our life.
  • We need to be proactive with our careers and that means having more than a blog, active Twitter presence and a bunch of friends on Facebook. Yes, we need to be active with our resume.
  • Most companies and firms do not recruit well.
  • There is this “little” thing called OFCCP among other regulations some companies need to follow.
  • Worse than that some companies (even the really cool, cutting edge ones) REQUIRE that a resume be submitted before contact is made.
  • Most companies and firms do not know how to use the tools like Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc to find people and for those who do find them (also called sourcing) they have little clue about what to do next.

How do I know this?

Attend an HR or Recruiter event. Look at the “deer in headlights” when we talk about sourcing Twitter, writing a better job ad, or wait for it… creating a YouTube video.

Most companies if they even have a referral program do not use it well.

Most companies have a horrid at best candidate experience.

I agree that it should not be this way.

I get that Seth was speaking to a mostly marketing, social media and public relations audience and that the “rules” to getting hired in that room are a bit different than other industries.

It can be (most cases is) a much different process to get a job at a small marketing firm than a Fortune 500 company.

I invite my friends to take a step out of that community for a few minutes and see if with the view I have they may see it a bit different.


If I have gone way off the chart with was said today I still hold to the comments I made above. Every day/week I hear advice given that resumes are not needed, that social media is the way to go, just be on LinkedIn, etc.

These are just tools and if you do not proactively use them (along with a resume) you will find the path to your dream job is going to be bumpy at best and at worst filled with potholes and gravel roads.

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Ivan E Nunez

I was at Seth's presentation this morning. To provide a little context for his comment about resumes, he was referring to this 2008 post in his blog:

See: http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2008/03/why-bother-havi.html

He acknowledged the blog post got him in a lot of hot water. His point today, as I understood it, was that we need to be proactive beyond the resume in seeking environments where we can be extraordinary.

The only rules I think Seth was calling to change were those that we impose on ourselves.

My personal takeaways from his comment:
1. Go beyond your resume and make connections in person. (Twitter, Linked-In, Facebook are great intro, but you don't get the passion in my voice)
2. Offer your desire to do extraordinary things
3. Make it a personal responsibility to be an agent of change

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