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For those of you who have followed by blog from "the early days", you will know that I work for a Wall Street firm.

Two years ago, the answer to my blog title would have been "no one". But today, there are more jobs on Wall Street than they can fill ("not true" you say?).

Some of the headhunters I use to fill my open positions have been begging me for names of potential candidates for all of the jobs they have.

How can this be? There are two things driving this trend.

First, all of the Wall Street firms made very deep cuts in their headcount (more than they could afford if they wanted to get the work done).

Second, just about every firm on Wall Street has recovered. The combination has created one of the most dramatic turnaround in supply and demand in recent memory.

Today's post provides leads to "Who's Hiring on Wall Street", were there are over 13,000 career opportunities across the companies and sites listed below.

  • Goldman Sachs - Goldman is much in the news, and they do have jobs and back to earning large profits. Their main career page is pretty impressive. Several tabs at the top for Careers, the Firm, Begin and Search, click Begin to (you guessed it) begin. More tabs on this page, with Key Dates, Unique Positions, Apply Now, Recruiting Events and Summer Intern Toolkit, plan to spend a fair amount of time surfing this site. While you can't search for a list of jobs on Goldman's site, you can use this link for - Goldman Sachs Jobs.
  • Morgan Stanley - Another big firm on Wall Street, their careers page has tabs at the top for Why Morgan Stanley, University Programs, Search & Apply and more. Center page includes links for background on the company while the right hand side of the page has two links for job search. Bottom right hand side of the page includes a link for featured opportunities. Clicking on the "Search All Jobs" link at the bottom of the page leads to a full page where jobs must be searched by division where there were 1,890 career opportunities when I checked the site.
  • JP Morgan Chase - Another well known financial institution, their career site provides an overview of the company and then has links for Experienced Hires and University Programs. There is a link for “Jobs in Demand” as well as a “Search Jobs” tab. As with the other sites, it is worthwhile to register. There were over 6,965 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • Bank of America - Bank of America, which now owns Merrill Lynch following the financial crisis, is another one of those "Banks on Wall Street" (like JP Morgan Chase). Their careers center leads with an company overview, followed by selecting your country so that you can begin your job search. The left hand side of the screen has links for Job Search, Job Areas, Lines of Business, Campus Recruiting and more. There were over 4,000 job opportunities in the US when I checked the site.
  • - What better place to look for jobs on Wall Street than a search engine with that name. There is a Candidates section on the right hand side of the screen, where you can post your resume or click Find a Job. Above this are additional links, including a Financial Recruiters directory (not yet populated) and a Job Openings link. There were over 1,200 job opportunities with a Wall Street description when I checked the site.

Good luck in your search.

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