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Steven Slater - AP Photo

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This will shock those that know me but I think JetBlue guy, Steven Slater the now (in)famous Flight Attendant who slid down an emergency chute after having a couple of beers and telling everyone what he thought, is an idiot.

This should not be celebrated.

I am a BIG fan of telling people what you think but in a mature, responsible manner that (on infrequent occasion) may have a cuss word (only 1 cuss word) in it. Sometimes you have to let it out.

But this goes way too far.

I get being “frustrated”.

I get being “annoyed”.

I get being “disrespected”.

I get the feeling of “had enough”.

The dude is 38 years old enough already with celebrating the 5 year old temper tantrum.

Apparently he has other things going on, that is no excuse.

We all do.

It’s called life.

What I fear is that while he did what many dream of doing some will now act the way he did.

And rather than being a 15 minutes of fame internet and cable Super Star everyone else will be unemployed and have no references when looking for their next job.

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Right on, brilliant message. Everybody in HireFriday needs to read this. I'm retweeting this now.


Margo Rose


To be honest, I'm all about being "this is how I feel", but I know how to also be professional about it. When it comes to customer service, I've learned how to bite my lip a bit more. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt more than not.

However, then there's the boss. That's a hard one to really try to feel around. I've worked for bosses that I would love to shove their head up their ass further because it's already halfway up.... I guess this is why I'm going to take a crack at being self employed... never mind having 2 years experience in my field with 5 years of education (tech education, not the fancy University stuff) ;)

I'm 23, if you're wondering, trying to figure out what's really appropriate in certain circumstances.

I think what the attendant did was funny but probably something I would never do. It's actually more rude than anything... there is such a thing as being better than that.

Geek Anonyous

You're right, what he did is totally wrong. The professional thing to do would be go up and talk to the person(s) who made him feel this way and explain his emotions and that they made him feel "very hurt" inside and he wanted a apology. This would be a much more "adult" thing to do right?

What he really should have done was walked up to the person that made him feel this way and take a shit on their lap, while drinking a beer. Hopefully while having a bad case of diarrhea. Yay! I like that idea! Fight club stylez, byatch!

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