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40% May Do A Job Search This Fall, Time To Start Talking About Retention

Maybe because I hang out with recruiters and HR folks who focus on recruiting I am missing out on the conversation but are there any circles talking about retention?

Not an article here or there but substance. Or a HR event topic?

Try this: you are hiring Software Developers (or accountants, customer service associates, project managers, etc.) so you post jobs on your site, place some ads, engage the referral network (and a number of other tactics) and start looking at companies in your area that you might want to hire from.

Common sense, right?

News flash: other companies doing the same thing.

Are you on their list of companies to recruit from?

So back to retention, what are you doing to keep your people?

Surveys show employee satisfaction is very low and here is the most recent one showing 40% of U.S. workers are thinking about a new job when they get done with the summer vacation season.

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Beloit College Mindset List: Class Of 2014

Since 1998 Beloit College has put out a yearly list of things that describe what the incoming freshman class at college and universities have experienced culturally.

Having now stepped “Over the Hill” some of the items below freak me out. See when these kids were born I was more than half way through my college days.

As I get ready for another year of volunteering at the University of Minnesota this helps put into perspective why sometimes I wonder if I landed on Mars.

It also puts into perspective how cool and interesting they really are.

Mindset List for the Class of 2014

Most students entering college for the first time this fall—the Class of 2014—were born in 1992.

For these students, Benny Hill, Sam Kinison, Sam Walton, Bert Parks and Tony Perkins have always been dead.

1. Few in the class know how to write in cursive.

2. Email is just too slow, and they seldom if ever use snail mail.

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Would You Hire You?

One interview question (or some variation) job seekers frequently get is, “Why should we hire you?”

This has to be one of the toughest questions we face because we are now self promoting and selling ourselves.

My suggestion to get comfortable in answering it is ask yourself this question ahead of time, “Would you hire you” and why?

If you cannot sell yourself you have little chance of selling anyone else on your abilities.

So think about your work experience.

Think about what you did no one else could do as well, fast or less expensive.

What are the things your peers or boss would turn to you for help with?

What do you like to do that no one else does?

Have some of those thoughts (talking points) ready for the “Why we should hire you” question and you will find yourself much more confident in who you are, what you do and why they should give you an offer.

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An Open Letter To The SMBMSP Crowd

Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul

For those of you wondering what is SMBMSP it is the Social Media Breakfast Minneapolis St Paul group.

For those of you wondering why I am writing a letter, here goes...

Rick Mahn has decided to start charging $10 for the monthly events and I want to be very open and transparent about this, I support this change.

Here is a disclaimer, I am now one of the sponsors.

Here is another, Rick did not ask me to write this. He did not see this before posting. We have had conversations about this change over recent weeks.

Let me give you a short story about my own experience.

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Who's Hiring On Wall Street?

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

Author: CareerAlley


For those of you who have followed by blog from "the early days", you will know that I work for a Wall Street firm.

Two years ago, the answer to my blog title would have been "no one". But today, there are more jobs on Wall Street than they can fill ("not true" you say?).

Some of the headhunters I use to fill my open positions have been begging me for names of potential candidates for all of the jobs they have.

How can this be? There are two things driving this trend.

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Jobs in Retail - Who's Hiring

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Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.” - Bo Derek

One of the first part-time jobs I had when I was in college was in Retail. Granted, it was working as a cashier in a (now bankrupt) department store. It's where I got my first taste of "working with the public" and I can tell you, there were as many rewarding experiences as there were lousy experiences.

Retail is an interesting occupation, you get to learn a lot about a wide range of products, you get to work with people and there are many different roles you can play.

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Minnesota Blogger Conference 2010

I am thrilled to hear that finally, FINALLY, we are going to have a blogger conference in our area. I have heard many people talk about the need for one for years, myself included.

Hats off to three friends who I have much respect for before they put this together and now the cup runs over with it:

Melissa (aka Missy) Berggren (@MarketingMamaMN) writes The Marketing Mama

Arik Hanson (@arikhanson) writes Communications Conversations

Katie Schutrop (@kshoop) writes

They have put together a sweet list of presenters and topics and it will be held at a location that will help facilitate some great conversations.

Event information:

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From CNBC: Are CEO’s To Blame For High Unemployment

Most of the time on most days I have CNBC on mute sprinkled with some MSNBC and FOX News (I can’t watch much of either one), CNN and of course ESPN (because we all need balance).

This is a great exchange with James Pethokoukis, of Reuters BreakingViews, and Dan Gross, of Newsweek on why unemployment is where it is, why CEO’s are not hiring, why with reductions in productivity they may now need to (or soon).

An interesting topic to me is how we have workers without jobs yet companies cannot find workers with the right skill sets.

They mention a Michael Moore piece in Daily Beast, here it is Profits Up at GM! And You're Still Unemployed.

Here is a question to you and rather than send me email (which I always appreciate) put your comments below. I am curious about what you think of why companies are not yet hiring and if you were a CEO would you.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

Here is the video:

Take This Job And Shove It - Not A Great Exit Strategy

Steven Slater - AP Photo

(AP Photo)

This will shock those that know me but I think JetBlue guy, Steven Slater the now (in)famous Flight Attendant who slid down an emergency chute after having a couple of beers and telling everyone what he thought, is an idiot.

This should not be celebrated.

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Facebook Gets 500 Million Users | Paul DeBettignies Interviewed On WCCO AM Radio

Back on July 22nd after Facebook hit the 500 million user mark I was interviewed by Mike Grimm on HINESight on WCCO AM radio.

We spoke a bit about Facebook for personal and business use and the way companies are using it for recruiting.

Of course we found a way to inject into the conversation. Mike does the radio broadcast for Gopher football.

Click the Play button to hear his show. Wait a few moments for it to load and then forward to the 58:20 mark. We go to 70:37.


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Minnesota Recruiters Conference 11 | Summer 2010 | Recap


On July 30th, 2010 the 11th Conference brought 200 Recruiter and HR professionals to a new location and a new format.

General Mills

Thanks to Rebecca Warren, General Mills Recruiting Manager, and their team for hosting us. I was a bit nervous as after doing 10 of these at Best Buy (where we will be doing more events at) as there are always those things that are specific to a location.

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Using Networking Groups To Your Advantage

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

I know what you’re thinking: walking into a room full of strangers and announcing that you’re unemployed is as far from your comfort zone as you can get.  Networking is awkward and makes you feel desperate.  Do you really have to do it?

The answer is no.  Some people do find work without assertively networking.  It just generally takes them a lot longer than those who are out actively saying, “I have a lot to offer and I need help.”  So, how can you use networking without feeling incredibly awkward?

Network with other people who are unemployed

It may sound counterproductive, but networking with others who aren’t working is a great way to build contacts.  Although they don’t have a job, surely they have friends and spouses and colleagues who are working, and who can get you the “in” you’ve been looking for.  Networking with other job seekers also helps you keep the important perspective that there are many competent, professional people out there who just haven’t found the right opportunity—yet.

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