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Free Webinar: Optimizing Your Job Postings


and are hosting a free webinar tomorrow, August 31st from 1-2 PM Central time titled “Optimizing Your Job Postings”.

You do not need to be a member of Minnesota Recruiters and heck, if you are outside of Minnesota and reading this join in on the session.

To register click --> Optimizing Your Job Postings

Webinar Information:

What do job seekers look for in a job posting? 

How do they search, when do they search, and what turns a job seeker into a potential candidate? 

By exploring seeker insights and best practices, we’ll answer all of these questions and more as we use best practices and data from Monster’s unique audience examine how to optimize your job postings to attract the best people.

Join us and learn how to turn your job descriptions into top notch advertisements!

You will also learn:

- What Job Seekers look for in a job posting
- How Job Seekers search
- When Job Seekers search
- What turns a Job Seeker into a potential candidate
- How to optimize your job postings to attract the best people

Any questions? Send me an email.

Paul DeBettignies

Co-Founder and Coordinator


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