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Doing A Job Search? Do Not Act Like A Secret Agent. Be James Bond

DISCLAIMER: Clearly what I am about to say is for those doing a job search after a job loss, upcoming layoff, etc.

A few times in the past week I have been asked the question, “What is the first thing I should do when starting a job search?”

I am going to make an assumption that you already have a resume.

First thing to do is... are you ready for it?


That was me yelling at you.

Secret Agent

I do not understand why job seekers try to do a job search like a Secret Agent. Not letting people know who might be able to help you is crazy.

James Bond - 007

You need to be like James Bond. James Bond always says who he is and is not shy about it.

So you should be in your job search.

I get that when we have a job loss emotions are involved. I truly understand that. Many of us start to question who we are, what we do and are we good enough. Unfortunately our (perceived) worth sometimes comes down to how much do we make (how we provide for our families) and when there is no income it, well... sucks.

Now let me be a Headhunter for a moment...

GET OVER IT... as fast as you can.

Here’s the deal, you cannot afford (likely literally) to be beat down with these emotions and thoughts. You have to take care of the mortgage, student loans, kids and aging parents. The longer you wait to ask for advice the longer it takes to find a job.

Who to talk to (in part):

•Current/Former coworkers, bosses, vendors, clients

•College/High School

•Friends, family and neighbors

•Groups involved in

•Who you have an email address for

So please, I beg of you as soon as you are going to do a job search ask your friends for advice and who do they know.

And help them with some bullet points about you, your skill set and companies of interest.

Network … Network … Network

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