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Credit Checks Are Impacting Job Seekers? WCCO TV Interview With Paul DeBettignies

 WCCO TV  Good Question - WCCO TV
A few months ago after seeing an interview on CNBC and an article from SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) on how some states are trying to limit this practice I wrote the blog post Credit Checks As Part Of Employer Background Checks: Fair?

Since that post Oregon has joined Washington and Hawaii in their ban of credit checks on most job reference checks.

A bill in Congress has been tied up in a committee for a little more than a year.

A question I often get is, “Should I say no?

My gut reaction is to say no but then in most cases you will be taken out of the running for the job.

Either way, you’re kind of screwed.

Some see a credit report as a financial resume. Sure there is some validity to this but as the “Great Recession” has taught us, bad stuff happens to good people too.

Jason DeRusha of WCCO TV (local CBS affiliate) as a part of his “Good Question” segment was asked about this topic.

I was interviewed along with a woman who had applied for a job at a retail store and was told she did not get the job because of her bad credit.

Here is the story and transcript, Good Question: Why Do Employers Run Credit Checks?

I am still looking for a credible survey that shows those with bad credit have higher rates of workplace issues than those who do not. If you have one, leave a link below.



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