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40% May Do A Job Search This Fall, Time To Start Talking About Retention

Maybe because I hang out with recruiters and HR folks who focus on recruiting I am missing out on the conversation but are there any circles talking about retention?

Not an article here or there but substance. Or a HR event topic?

Try this: you are hiring Software Developers (or accountants, customer service associates, project managers, etc.) so you post jobs on your site, place some ads, engage the referral network (and a number of other tactics) and start looking at companies in your area that you might want to hire from.

Common sense, right?

News flash: other companies doing the same thing.

Are you on their list of companies to recruit from?

So back to retention, what are you doing to keep your people?

Surveys show employee satisfaction is very low and here is the most recent one showing 40% of U.S. workers are thinking about a new job when they get done with the summer vacation season.

2 in 5, that should freak you out.

Reasons for US professionals to quit their job this year from the Regus Survey::

  • 40% Lack of communication and involvement by top management
  • 37% Lack of promotion despite good work results
  • 34% Overwork
  • 31% Lack of company ‘vision’
  • 28% Lack of belief in colleagues’ competence
  • 26% Lack of administrative support
  • 21% Rude colleagues
  • 20% Boss that takes credit for their work


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