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We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.” - Ronald Reagan

As you might imagine, I get a lot of requests for help and advise related to job search. And, like today's quote, while I would like to help everyone, if I help someone I've done my job.

But not all advice works for all people. It's kind of like when someone has the hiccups and the advice is to scare them and that will make the hiccups go away. Now for some people it actually works, while for others have a heart attack (and their hiccups).

Job search is much the same, what works for some does not always work for others. So today my best advice is actually the advice of others. Your recommendations regarding websites and links. Here's to helping someone, enjoy today's links.

  • 50 Body Language Secrets You Need to Succeed in Life - So the first thing you are probably thinking is "what does body language have to do with job search?". Plenty! This article, posted on Careeroverview.com, includes a list (50 to be exact) of body language secrets to help in your job search. The first list up is the Job Interview, and includes tips on handshakes, voice tone, active listening and much more. The section on "What not to do" is definitely worth a read. As a side note, there are links at the top of the page for Job Search, Career Change, Salary Info and more.
  • 100 Inspiring and Informative Blog Posts for Young Job Seekers - This article, by Katheryn Rivas and posted on OnlineUniversities.com provides an amazing list of resources with embedded links for just about any career topic that you can think of for young job seekers. The article is broken up into sections to make for easy access to specific advice, with sections on Resumes, Interviewing, Choosing a Career, Using Technology and so much more. This is a great read for anyone looking for a job (young and not so young).
  • Gradtogreat.com - Another great website for those seeking career advice. Although this site is geared to those who are heading into their first career, I found most of the content relevant to all job seekers (or those wanting to get the best out of their job hunt). There are tabs at the top of the page for Tips & Advice (like Internships, Five Things Job Seekers Should Never Do, Networking and so much more), Events, Blog (amazing articles on careers and job search) and Resources (a great list of resources with embedded links to help job seekers). Also check them out on Twitter.
  • TwitJobSearch.com - "A Job Search Engine for Twitter" is the tag line for this site. Besides following them on Twitter, you can leverage their website for job search as well. Top of the page has a search bar ("What do you want to do?"). Type in your job (I tried "Finance" and got over 153,000 results) and you will get an amazing list of results. But wait, is 153,000 too many to look at? No problem, use the "Refine by" on the right hand side of the page to narrow your search. As an example, pick your location, salary range, temp versus perm, etc. and you will narrow the list to a manageable size. But there is more! At the top of the page there are links for Directory (Twitter Job accounts - take a look), Blog (more good stuff, take a look here too).

Good luck in your search.

Author: CareerAlley

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Kirk Baumann

Great resources, Paul! Thanks for sharing. I think you've hit the nail on the head with the Ronald Reagan quote. We should all be helping others.

Keep up the great work!


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