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Minnesota Morning

So much on the mind and trying to figure what if anything someone might want to know about but my mind is a bit warped from yesterday’s weather so lets start with that, the weather.

Why? When one adds the air temperature of 93 and mid 70’s dew point one gets a heat index or “feels like” 108 degrees. That is tropical like conditions.

I picked up some food to go (I will fire up the grill at -5 but not +108) and bumped into an old friend. We moved to the shade but after just a 20 minute chat found myself sweating.

But there was some relief last night after the storms went through the area. I was on a phone call, looked out the window and saw we were having an amazing sunset. Not able to get out a I sent out a Tweet, “Please someone in Minneapolis get a pic of this amazing sky/sunset -- late night conference calls SUCK”

My request was answered by two followers with these photos:

Thanks to

for this:

Minnesota Sunset 1

And thanks to @schnapsi who posted this photo on (be sure to take a look around the site, many amazing photos):

Minnesota Sunset 2


I also have a few pics and video from 4th of July weekend fire works shows.

This is from the Bloomington Summer Fete:

Bloomington Summer Fete Fireworks 016 Bloomington Summer Fete Fireworks 026 


And these from Lake Minnetonka (yeah we were really that close):

Lake Minnetonka July 4th Fireworks 037 Lake Minnetonka July 4th Fireworks 036


You can see more of the pictures from the two shows by clicking and  

I have some other bits of news but will save them for tomorrow so I can quickly this next topic…

.jobs Domain Controversy

This is a big, HUGE thing going on in the HR and Recruiter industry and is coming to a boiling point this week. Rather than write out a bunch of stuff I am going to point you to a series of blog posts that will catch you up faster than I can:

After reading a lot of material (and skipping the process issues) my issue is would .jobs help job seekers find jobs and companies find candidates.

As best I can figure it out the answer is no and what I do figure out is that a handful of people are about to hit a vary large lottery.


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