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Compensation Talk: Navigating The Earnings Issue

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How much does this job pay? What was your average paycheck with a previous job?

No matter how you slice it, talking to a boss or prospective employer about money can be uncomfortable. As a job seeker in the current economy, it is more important than ever to know what you can expect to earn - before you interview.

Utilize resources like Salary.com to verify the average annual salary for your target position. This website allows you to customize the search, based on geographic area.

Whether you are unemployed, looking for your next opportunity, or in a job, ready to negotiate a higher salary, here are some great resources to assist you in meeting your financial goals.

The early bird gets the raise, too - "Morning" people have a measurable advantage over their night owl counterparts, research suggests. "Throughout the world, people who sleep late are too often assumed to be lazy," says Christoph Randler, a professor at the University of Education in Heidelberg, Germany.....read more.

Never be desperate -- or dumb -- enough to work for free - If a recruiter or company asks you to work for free as part of the interview process -- such as coming up with an idea to solve a real-world problem -- don't do it, Laurie Ruettimann writes.

If you decide to make a presentation, then retain the rights. "I'm a cynical HR professional and I know one thing: if you're dumb enough to give me a free work product in a desperate attempt to get a job, you are too dumb to work for my company," she writes......read more.  

Salary negotiation clinic - Did you know that you may be able to negotiate some of your benefits? Even though companies put fixed policies on most benefits, some benefits are negotiable - and sometimes, all you have to do is ask. Readers will learn the basics of compensation negotiation....read more.

Take the career salary quiz tutorial - Many job-seekers struggle with salary negotiation for a variety of reasons, but the fact that you are here is a sign that you realize the importance of making the right choices in attempting to get the best job offer.

Follow along with Quintessential Careers and salary guru Jack Chapman as we walk you through 28 questions and answers about salary negotiation -- and more than 80 pages of additional salary and job offer strategies, tips, resources, and detailed information to assist you in understanding the process on your way to obtaining the best job offer possible....read more.

Salary negotiation: The art of the deal - While negotiation has become a common part of today's business, most of us are uncomfortable negotiating our salaries. But today's employer expects some type of negotiation, and we must be ready. The tips below you for the art of negotiation....read more.

Here are some standard compensation negotiation tips:

  • Enter negotiations with understanding of your skills and their worth.
  • Negotiation is expected.
  • Make sure the negotiation stays win-win.
  • Examine alternatives. If an offer comes in too low, don't discount the position. Be willing to discuss the situation with the prospective employer.


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