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It's no secret across the nation - the job market competition is fierce.  In order to out-perform your peers, it becomes necessary to pull out all the stops, and have an optimal interview performance.  Here are the top five strategies candidates can implement TODAY, to ensure they wow the interviewer, and set themselves apart from their competitors.

1.  Have a keen understanding of why the company should choose you.

In order to have a stellar interview, it is necessary that you are able to communicate your professional value to the prospective employer.  The interview is the job seeker's one and only opportunity to "sell themselves" as the best candidate for this position.  Articulate why you are the right individual for this position.  Be confident in your abilities.  Explain how you will use past experiences to make this new company better.  Think in terms of how you will help them earn or save more money.

2.  Practice, practice, practice.

Get a list of the toughest interview questions, and take the time to go over them.  Write down your answers, and practice them.  Find a friend, career coach, or colleague, and do one-on-one role play.

3.  Who is your interviewer, and what do you know about him or her?

Take the time to Google the person you'll be speaking with.  Search LinkedIn, or the other social networks.  Find something about that individual you can connect with them on.  For instance, if your research reveals the interviewer is an avid animal rights activist, find a way to bring that into your conversation.  Look for ways to connect on a personal level with the hiring manager.  At the end of the day, you'll set yourself apart from every other candidate.

4.  What do you know about the company you're interviewing with?

Research the organization you are applying to work for.  Know whether they are a strong company fiscally, review their mission statement and purpose, and determine how that coincides with your professional goals.  Go into the interview knowing as much as possible about the inner workings of this organization.

5.  Does this position align with your professional goals?

In order to interview with confidence, you must believe you are the right individual for this job.  Don't get caught in the trap of applying for jobs out of desperation.  Be deliberate.  Know what you want, and then pursue it.  Otherwise, the interviewer will pick up on your hesitation and lack of commitment, and choose the candidate who exhibits what they're looking for.

The interview is key to landing a new job.  Candidates who understand their reasons for wanting to join an organization, and are prepared to sell themselves to the interviewer, are best prepared to beat the competition.

Author: Christina Archer is a career agent, recruiting specialist, expert resume writer, and author.


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