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Life After Spring Break - College Grad Job Search

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From: CareerAlley

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!"" - Robin Williams

At some point your last Spring Break will be over (depressing, isn't it?) and reality will set in. It is your Senior year, graduation is almost here (another semester is not an option so say the "folks") and you don't have a job yet.

Now part of your excuse is that it is a terrible job market and if you are like most college seniors, there is a certain amount of procrastination (not one of the excuses you want to use).

There are lots of options for you.

Obviously the best option is to get your dream job at your dream company. Once you've gotten over the disappointment of the unlikeliness of that happening it's time to consider your other options.

"What are they" you say? In the best to not so best order:

  1. A full time job in the industry or functional area you would ideally like to work
  2. A summer intern position (yes, you can still do this after college) in the industry or functional area you would ideally like to work
  3. A volunteer role so that you have something to put on your resume while you are looking for a job (you can see this is quickly heading downhill)
  4. Admit you are never going to get a job and become a monk (probably not an option unless this was always your career goal)

Today's post is a bit of a mix and match of the above items (I've left the monk bit out for this post). Focus real hard on option number 1, but there is nothing wrong with options 2 and 3 and they will allow you to fill in your resume (and you never know who you will meet and where it will lead).

  • Hess Corporation - You probably already know what Hess does (Energy). Their University Graduates page is very well done. Left hand side of the page has recruiting events (check the calendar) followed by company information stuff. Also on the left hand side are a number of search links based on job type. Center page is a bullet point list of all the reasons why you would want to work for them. If you can't match up with their college recruiting calendar, you should still add your resume to their site and take a look at their job openings.
  • Symantec Corporation - Innovative technology is the name of the game at Symantec. Their College Connections page has a ton of information for college grads. Left hand side of the page has links for Internship Programs, New College Grads, Campus Calendar and more. Center page has an overview of some of the programs that might interest you. Right hand side of the page has links to job listings as well as "meet the management team".
  • Internships.com - Seems like the likely place to start your search for internships. The site has links at the top for company directories, student tool kit and student home. The link at the start of this paragraph runs the Internship search at the site (there were 422 Internship opportunities when I checked the site). You can narrow this down by using the search box on the left hand side of the page.
  • NYCInternships.com - Don't let the name of this site fool you, they also have links to Internship programs in many other cities (look a the bottom left hand side of the page for the city links). Tons of resources here - links to students, destinations, internships and more all at the top of the page. Center page are links for NY internships, top industries and how to put it all together (housing and other things you will need). Don't forget to look at the international internship program links at the bottom of the page (how neat would that be?).
  • Projects Abroad - Okay, this is the volunteer part I mentioned (option number 3). There are some excellent and interesting opportunities here (and they will all look good on your resume). Center page has a bunch of overview information and the top of the page has links for Projects, Destinations and Apply Now. Many more links on the left hand side of the page - too many to list here but you should definitely take a look.

Good luck in your search.

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