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4th Of July 2010 Minnesota Fireworks Shows



4th of July Minnesota Fireworks 4th of July Minnesota Fireworks 4th of July Minnesota Fireworks 

A little slow in posting this… what follows is the best list I can come up with for 2015 4th of July fireworks shows in Minnesota

Please confirm date, time and location.

If I am missing any please leave a comment below.

July 3rd

July 4th

Outstate Minnesota - 3rd and 4th

July 5th

July 11th

Maple Grove

July 12th



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One of the best fireworks shows (which my family goes to every year) is up in Brainerd. There is a band and an amazing fireworks display, and tens of thousands of people show up.

Mike Keliher

Stillwater! On the river!



You missed the oldest of the celebrations thats usually quite large.


Jordan Flipsyde

Your blog has an I liked the faith! You defend your interests, I get my light, nothing more.

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