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Using Job Boards - Best Practices for the Job Seeker

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From: Christina Archer

Every day, it seems like another job board is born. Regardless of whether you flock to a local employment web site or one of the “biggies,” like Monster or Career Builder, there is one thing they all have in common; they protect the identity of the hiring managers and decision makers you are applying to.

Initially, this may seem like no big deal. Why does it matter who you submit your resume to, right? Today, I want to show you why it matters exactly how you use a job board, and discuss the best practices you can implement today, to make your entire job search process fine tuned.

Job Board Best Practices

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Do Unemployment Benefits Create Lazy Job Seekers?

A couple of weeks ago the San Francisco Federal Reserve released an Economic Letter (research paper) titled Extended Unemployment and UI Benefits and the Internet blew up. Not literally but close.

Let me get my personal view out of the way.

I believe that 95%+ of unemployed people want to work and are working hard to find a job. I do believe there are those who have no problem getting a check to stay at home. I base my number on the folks I see, hear from and do job search, LinkedIn and Social Media sessions with/for.

I see that most folks really do want to get back to work.

More than that (and this is me taking a shot at my conservative friends) we are not talking about a lot of money. Minimum wage or so. Do you really think that most people want to stay home for that?

Moving on…

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