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Leading up to Minnesota Recruiters Conference 10 held April 30th, 2010 at Best Buy Headquarters I sent out a Survey Monkey link to gauge what hiring looked like during Q1 of 2010 along with expectations of Q2 and 2010 in general, what jobs and skill sets were most an least in demand and how Recruiters and HR professionals felt about their own job security.

This is not a scientific survey. The survey link was sent multiple times to the Minnesota Recruiters email list of 1900 Recruiter and HR professionals with a 10% response rate.

While not scientific the results do show what most in the Recruiter and HR community have been seeing and talking about over the past weeks and points of conversation during the conference.

Good News

  • Most who replied to the survey, attended the conference and in conversations in the days after the event believe that we have seen the worst of job losses
  • Many have seen pockets of job growth which will be noted below
  • Optimism for 2010 job growth
  • Optimism for personal job security

Bad News

  • Job creation and growth while much better than 2009 will be slow
  • HR and Recruiter jobs are still in short supply which many believe further proves that hiring will continue to be anemic

Results from the survey (click images to see larger) :

1 Minnesota Recruiters Replies

Corporate Recruiters:

2 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

3 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

4 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

18 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs Corp Rec Job Security

Most Jobs

  • Sales
  • IT
  • Marketing

Fewest Jobs

  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Legal


Search Firm Recruiters:

5 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

6 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

8 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

9 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

Most Jobs

  • IT
  • Sales
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering

Fewest Jobs

  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Executive

IT Consulting Firm Recruiters:

10 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

11 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

12 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

13 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

Most Jobs

  • Software Engineers
  • .Net
  • Java Developers
  • C#
  • Project Managers

Fewest Jobs

  • Project managers
  • Business Analysts

HR and Recruiter Consulting Firms:

14 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

15 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

16 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

17 Minnesota Recruiters Jobs

Most Jobs:

  • Generalists
  • Benefits
  • Compensation

Fewest Jobs:

  • Recruiters


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