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Minnesota Headhunter A MinneBar Sponsor And Presenter

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I am looking forward to tomorrow’s MinneBar @minnebar event held at Best Buy headquarters. If my memory is correct this is their third full day event that go along with the many MinneDemo events that have been held.

Follow #minnebar to see what should be a busy Twitter hashtag.

Here is the interim logo I am using for this event:

minnesota headhunter temp logo

Besides being a sponsor I am doing a session with Kevin Donlin @kevindonlin. Click How to Fireproof Your Career and Chortle at Recession Worries to see more info about our session.

Click MinneBar 2010 for the registration page and scroll down to see who is attending. Last I heard they were coming up on 1,000 attendees and if true this could be, likely is the largest BarCamp in the United States.

Wow, this going to be a crazy day.

Here is the schedule for tomorrow MinneBar Spring 2010 Schedule

And a thank you to Luke Francl @lof, Ben Edwards @alttext and friends for continuing to support the Minnesota technology and startup communities.

See you tomorrow...


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