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Minneapolis Hosts ERE And Social Recruiting Summit

Tomorrow (May 17, 2010) Minnesota will host 300 attendees for the 3rd edition of the Social Recruiting Summit.

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Previous summits were held at Google headquarters and in the Big Apple, New York City.

The Minnesota event will be held at Best Buy headquarters in Richfield, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis).

You can catch a live stream of many of the sessions by clicking www.ere.net

Some folks have asked how the heck did Minneapolis land such a big event?

Well, I am not going to be shy about it but a few of us did a lot of lobbying. I think my first email was about 30 minutes after the event at Google ended.

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul really are at the center of the Recruiter and HR world. I know I will get push back from my Silicon Valley, Seattle, Dallas, Portland and New York City friends but I suggest that when you get down to it we do it better here.

Are you getting the idea yet that I am fiercely loyal and a bit competitive?

An example of this can be found by listening to a HR Happy Hour podcast from a few months ago when they were looking for the Best HR City. I (we) lost to Cincinnati. Cincinnati?

What the.... (self censored)

Click The Best HR City to hear it went down.

For example, we have the following companies and national speakers who call Minnesota home (c’mon Paul you better not forget anyone, if I do add a comment below and I will update the list):


National speakers in the Recruiter, HR and technology space:

We have hosted a number of national thought leaders including (and I know I am missing a large number):

We have a large number of HR and Recruiter groups (these are ones in the metro area, add another 6+ for out state Minnesota):

And a number of Recruiter, HR and Career related bloggers:

Welcome ERE and Social Recruiting Summit Friends. No doubt you will find many familiar faces and friends here in Minnesota during your stay.We hope you enjoy our city and this remarkable weather.

Oh, and before I forget…

What do you have to say Cincinnati you still want to lay claim to your title? Or will you leave it here as you head to the airport?



Shauna Moerke

Hey, if Cincinnati doesn't start doing a better job representing on the HR Happy Hour we may need to declare them ineligible to wear the crown...

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