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Memo To HR, Recruiters And Job Seekers: Social Media Is Here To Stay

We can debate all day about how significant and to what degree Social Media, Social Networking and the Web in general will be but we should be able to agree that it matters now.

And it will matter going forward. Unless of course the Internet dies in which case I am guessing we are all screwed anyway.

Focusing on my Recruiter, HR and Job Seeker friends many of whom still think this stuff is a load of crap I hope that you are starting to see the light now.

No, I do not think Social Media is the “Silver Bullet” that will cure our hiring and finding a job issues.

Yes, I absolutely believe it is a (major) tool we should be using when recruiting and job seeking.

Absolutely, it matters who you are recruiting/job searching based on experience, skill set, location and industry.

But to think this does not matter is a major failure.

A year ago a video called Social Media Revolution was released (see below) that was seen at almost every event I attended in this space. I too used it in most of my Recruiter and HR sessions (and a couple of the job seekers) when attendees were newbies to the topic.

Thankfully there is a new version of it (a new look and some updated stats):


We can also debate some of the statistics and conclusions but put into perspective do you still think this Social Media is going to go away?

One thing I think we can be sure of: web sites (our online destinations) will change, some will come and go but we will be online.

Here is the original version:


Lisa Feder

Great. We use this video in our education presentations for Edina Adult Education and often mention it in client meetings to those who haven't seen it. Nice to see updated statistics. Just mentioned it this morning in a social media strategy planning meeting for Cleantech Open.

Kirk Baumann


Excellent post! It's kind of funny to see all the original doubters nay-sayers being hit with the OMG syndrome. Now, everyone is getting into social media - for branding, customer service, and recruiting. I'm glad they updated the YouTube video - I'll be sure to share it with colleagues!


Great Video! Excites, but are todays large and small companies ready for social media usage ? Are they ready for people or Gen Y who will use this platform ? you might be interested to see this.

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