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Add A Second Email Address To Your LinkedIn Profile

I wish I had written this post two years ago before the Great Recession started.

Last week during a job search webinar I was asked how to get back access to a LinkedIn profile. The woman asking the question had been let go by her employer, she had used her work email address on the account and now cannot remember her password.

So when she sends a password request it goes to the work email she no longer has access to.

That sucks.

I suggested she contact LinkedIn Customer Service but I would bet this is not an easy process.

My first suggestion is to have your primary email address be one you will always have access to but some use their work email anyway.

So add a second email address. Actually, add all your addresses and I will show why in a moment.

Here is how to add an email address to your account:

  • Click “Settings”
  • Under “Personal Information” click “Email Addresses”
  • Follow the instructions and note you will need to reply to a confirmation email

LinkedIn Email Address

Besides ensuring access to your LinkedIn profile there is another reason to do this.

If you have work, home, alumni, volunteer, etc email addresses add those too.

Someone will import their contact list to LinkedIn and have one of these other email addresses for you. In their “Imported Contacts” list it will show you as being on LinkedIn.

Ensure access to your account and that others can find you, add an email address(s) to your LinkedIn account.


Kristina E. Proctor

You make a great point. My past email addresses from old contacts could really be utilized here. Why not expand my old network into my online presense! :)

Kristina E. Proctor


Shannon Kelley

Great suggestion. Thanks bunches for this excellent tip.

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