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Since posting I have been asked what content do I have, what expertise can I share.

Last year I created the Be Your Own Headhunter concept with the focus of HOW to use Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and other tools like newsletters, RSS feeds, video and more to achieve goals.

I used HOW because my emphasis has been doing demos to show how to do this versus the why. How I use this every day so I can show metrics, successes and failures and how I have evolved different tactics.

There are enough people doing the WHY so I leave that to them when possible.

So if you are looking for a presentation on HOW to use these tools for your Recruiter or HR, job seeker or business group send me an email I will give you an honest assessment if I can provide value to your group and if not have a lot of friends I respect that would do an awesome job.


I had a moment last week while chatting with a reporter when I was asked, “Do you know how many people you have presented to over the years?”

I had never thought about it and I was stumped so I asked if I could get back to her.

Over the past two years I have kept a good record on the presentations, click Paul DeBettignies, MN Headhunter And Be Your Own Headhunter Presentations for the list, but before that it is a bit of a guess.

I do know that I usually did 1 to 2 a month and guess conservatively that total attendees are 100 total a month so take that times 12 months times 6 years = 7,200.

Add in 3,500 from the last 2 years and a Welcome Week at the University of Minnesota where I saw 30% of the incoming freshmen in one day and that gets me to 12,000+.

Add to that 2,100 from the webinars last year and that makes the 14,000 I am going with.

A conversation I have had with some business and personal friends the past two weeks revolved around am I Recruiter who does some teaching, speaking and consulting or should I become a Teacher, Speaker and Consultant who does some recruiting.

Trying to do both at the same is not as easy as I had hoped.

This is a big transition to make in my mind but I think after I speak at the Social Recruiting Summit and Fordyce Forum this will become more clear from my national colleagues about how much value my content, experience and presentation skills can bring to an event.

The local and regional feedback has been great and very humbling but (to use a baseball line) lets see what happens when I get into the Big Leagues.



So, after those two events will you be making this decision? Or have you already made up your mind which you will be?

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