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Minnesota IT Jobs With Minnesota Non Profits

The following new Minnesota IT jobs have been added on the MN Headhunter Volunteer Page:

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Gobbledygook And Your Resume

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Lorraine Russo

What is gobbledygook? Webster's New Encyclopedic Dictionary defines it as “wordy and generally unintelligible jargon.”

Unfortunately, gobbledygook is found everywhere: in newspaper articles, brochures and, sad-to-say, many resumes.

If you commit the error of trying to impress the reader with your use of fancy words and jargon (rather than clearly conveying facts and ideas), your message will FAIL.

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Minnesota Morning

Aww heck, I went quite a few days in a row and then poof, almost three weeks go by. A new month maybe I can get on a roll again with these “daily” posts.

There are a few really random topics that are on my mind from the past weeks and I am going to get them out of my head now to free up some bandwidth.

Valentine’s Day

Even though single I enjoy the day but something struck me while I was making my morning delivery of flowers to some folks to brighten up their day... why do most people only express their feelings to this extent one day a year? More than that, why is there is much pressure leading up to it? Dinner, flowers and gifts, etc. Seems to me if we told those we love more often that we do there would be a lot less stress. And lot more really wonderful days.

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Research Strategies to Prepare for the Interview

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Christina Archer

You've submitted your resume to a prospective employer, and they've called you to schedule a face to face meeting.  This is what you've been waiting for!  Being prepared for your interview, and armed with information to ensure you stand out from your peers is an essential goal.  Performing research in advance of the meeting is the most effective and efficient means to achieving this objective, and landing the job.

Here are the top five tips to help any job seeker uncover information about a potential employer.

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5 Resume Basics We Bet You’ve Overlooked!

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Jessica Holbrook

Five basic resume rules and the mistakes you make that break them. Thousands of job seekers make these mistakes. Are you making them too?

Not attaching a cover letter to a resume is like shooting in the dark. Hiring managers receive hundreds of unsolicited resumes every week. Tell them specifically what opening you are applying to or the position you’re inquiring about. Do not assume they will figure it out from your resume.

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Minnesota Job And Career Fair And Professional Clothing Drive

UPDATED: March 23rd Here is the speaker agenda for the event:


  • Main Room – Marnie Hockenberg presenting “How the Hiring Game is Really Played.”
  • Conference Room – Geri Quest presenting “Appropriate Workplace Attire.”


  • Main Room – Jay Larson presenting “Fish! Philosophy.”
  • Conference Room – Bob LaBombard presenting “ Navigating the Job Search as a Recent College Graduate.”

11:00am – 12:00pm

  • Main Room – Paul DeBettignies presenting “Using LinkedIn and Social Media as a Job Search Tool.”
  • Conference Room – Mary Younggren presenting “Finding a Job Through a Staffing Company.  How to Get Started.”


The Minnesota Recruiting and Staffing Association (MNRSA) is hosting the 2010 Job Summit & Professional Clothing Drive Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 from 8:00 am-12:00 pm at The Mall of America, 4th Floor Executive Center.

Job Seekers this is a FREE event (you do need to register at and a good opportunity to meet with Search Firms, Staffing Firms and Employment Agencies.

As part of the career sessions that morning I will be doing a LinkedIn session and sticking around after to answer as many questions on the job search as I can.


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