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Minnesota Morning

Starting with a useless fact but it means a lot to those of us in Minnesota... It looks like what is usually the snowiest (or second most) month of the year will end with no snow for the first time since records starting being tallied. I have 100 years and 116 years. Whatever, that’s a mighty long time.

Yes, this is a big deal. While enjoyable I do wonder how this will impact the drought we are carrying over from last year.

But the “I want to get outside” guy in me is thrilled.

Sometimes, it’s the simple things....

Healthcare Reform

Why does everyone call this healthcare reform? It is health insurance reform and I still wonder why they did not go after the healthcare stuff first. There is so much money to be saved. And why is it that some of this does not kick in for four years?

I have to say as a moderate, middle of the road kind of guy I am horribly disappointed in the language, rhetoric and politics. Disagree without being disagreeable.

I am also disappointed this took more than a year. I am even more disappointed that now it is so close to the mid term elections that nothing, zero, nada will be done in D.C. so as to not piss off voters more than they may be. Banking reform is now stalled, crazy.

Getting this done was needed (if you ask me) because the cost of not doing anything was too high. But the cost of getting it done is high too.

MinneBar: Save the date

The next MinneBar event is Saturday, May 22nd at Best Buy Corporate Headquarters. Registration is not yet open but check the web site, sign up for the email blasts or follow them on Twitter @MinneBar

What is MinneBar? Think 400+ of the techiest, geekiest most entrepreneurial folks from the Minnesota tech community, give them an unconference setting and watch good stuff happen.


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