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Minnesota Morning

On this Sunday morning I found myself wanting to do some cleaning of ideas in my mind. It’s been this way for about a month now and while at moments a painful process I think I am coming to the end of it.

Clarity is an awesome thing and I think maybe I did not know for some time I was without. Kind of like when you clean your windows, you realize how dirty they had been.

Darcy Pohland

I had a really emotional blog post about her but decided against it, I do not think she would have wanted me to remember her that way. Check out Darcy Pohland to see the stories and blog posts that her colleagues have put together.

Darcy and I had one of those friendships where a month might go by without seeing each other but when we bumped into each other an hour or more would go by as we shared what was going on in our lives. That would be the first 30% of the conversation and then the rest about Gopher sports particularly football. We both had tickets and she was one person I knew who could talk more about it than I.

She did a number of stories that I sent on to her over the years and each time I would get a kind email thanking me for the tip. She was a “bulldog”, fair, reachable and had the best smile and laugh which I already find myself missing.

One funny story I do want to share was from November ’08. She was trying to reach me for a quote regarding something to do with TCF Bank Stadium as I was a member of the Tailgate Committee. I had not called or emailed her back because I was prepping for a Minnesota Recruiters event.

The day of the event as it was wrapping up at Best Buy in wheeled Darcy and a cameraman who immediately starting setting up. I explained to Darcy I could not comment but I knew who could. She was a bit upset with me, not because I did not get back to her, but because the security guy at the Best Buy door did want to let her in. She tried telling him she knew me. Apparently she thought way more of me than he did.

After that day when Darcy would send me an email it looked like this in the subject line:

“Darcy Needs to Talk to You ASAP!!!

While dearly missed I know she is singing, running around creating chaos and I have no doubt played a role in the Gophers getting to the Big Ten championship game and into the Big Dance. She would be upset we lost for a few minutes and then without a doubt said we’ll be back next year.

Bless you Darcy and thank you for your friendship and passion for life.


The other day I had this post How Much Time And Energy Do You Spend On Relationships and I was surprised at the number of email and phone calls I received. Some were friends wanting to catch up and others were asking when we could “really get together” as they have something to talk about.

One sent an apology (in a very funny way) for being one of those who might ignore me for fear of losing an afternoon and wants to know if I would take a drive as he delivers some furniture to his parents 2 hours away. 4 hours? Can’t pass that up.

Minnesota career and job fair

A reminder that this Tuesday (3/23/10) is the Minnesota Job And Career Fair And Professional Clothing Drive. This is a free event for job seekers.

In my notes I came across a bunch of good links from a couple of weeks ago. If they were good enough for me to note then I should still post them now. Here goes...

Recruiter and HR

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