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Minnesota Headhunter Presents At Ignite Minneapolis #2

Wow is about all I can say about the Ignite Minneapolis #ignitempls event. Wow for the cool crowd. Wow for the cool venue. Wow for the cool presentations.

For those who just want to see the video here you go (CAUTION I “may” have cussed a few times):


Wow does 5 minutes go by fast.

How fast? After I finished I walked over to the bar, ordered a beer and thought, “what did you just say?” because I did not really remember what I did. And then I thought of all the things I wanted to say and forgot.

Now let me take a step back...

For those of you not sure what I am talking about click Ignite.

OK, that catches you up I hope.

At Ignite Mpls #2 I did a presentation “Dating And The Job Search – They Both Suck”.

Public speaking is nothing new to me but in the days and hours leading up to this event, I was freaked out. I think it was because this was a room of friends. And I wanted to be entertaining and funny which I can be but I think with my self imposed “pressure” I could have done better.

Here is the slide deck I used:

And here are the slides I did not use (20 was the limit) so yes I have more content than I knew what to do with:


And some photos from the evening:

Ignite Minneapolis #2 003 Ignite Minneapolis #2 001


Ignite Minneapolis #2004 Ignite Minneapolis #2 006

Click Ignite Minneapolis YouTube for all the videos from the evening.

Thanks to Bedlam Theater for hosting the event and Patrick Kuntz and Mykl Roventine for doing the “dirty work” of getting this thing to happen.


Meghan Wilker

You are so right about the whole presenter experience. I felt like I had blacked out for 5 minutes; I could hardly remember the experience until I saw the video. And, while I speak publicly all the time, I was SO NERVOUS! I think, as you said, it's harder to speak in front of a roomful of people you know (especially when you know they're all on Twitter!).

Anyway, you did a great job! Sorry we didn't actually get to meet each other in person.

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