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From: Jessica Holbrook

After countless hours of tweaking your resume or finally deciding to have a professional write it for you, you now have your masterpiece in hand. With renewed confidence you’re ready to step out in faith and start your job search. But where do you start? The following four strategies will help you successfully start your job search campaign with your new resume.


The first place to start is to take your resume and post it to the major job boards. You can do this yourself (it may takes many days to get all of the major job boards) or you can purchase a resume distribution service that will post it to approximately 100 job boards for you. Prices are reasonable and it saves you about 60 hours doing it yourself. Start here because this is a passive way to get noticed. Recruiters and hiring managers searching job boards will find you and contact you. Don’t just post to monster and careerbuilder. Those job boards have significant fees and some employers won’t pay to search or post. Instead post to a large selection of job boards free and fee based for employers you increase your chances of being discovered.


We have all heard the saying it’s not what you know but who you know. How true! Especially it a tough job market, referrals are being placed before ads are even hitting the papers or the job boards. I have specifically had employers ask if I know of anyone that could fill their open positions so they didn’t have to post the job and wade through the thousands of applicants they receive.


Make connections in person and online – as many as possible. LinkedIn is a great site to meet colleagues, prospective employers, recruiters, or chat with past employers. Keep your options open and even though it may be difficult always network with anyone you can. You never know who may be aware of an opening that isn’t out in the public eye and you could get the inside track first.


Mail your resume out old fashioned style. In today’s electronic age we’ve moved away from submission via snail mail this is your perfect opportunity to utilize an avenue that no one else is to get in front of the hiring manager. I once want to find a new position in recruiting so I targeted every recruitment firm within a 25 mile radius of my house. I mailed out a resume and cover letter to every single company and received more call backs from my mailed resume then I did from two weeks of applying online.

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