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From: Tim Houghten

One of the most powerful lessons that I have learned on my way up the ranks of management in various industries is that you should always go above and beyond the duties of your position in order to get advanced to the next level.

If you are already a manager perhaps you have realized this already, but it never ceases to be true and their is always room to move higher.

Like many other employees out there, years ago I remember one boss telling me I needed to be doing the duties of a manager and proving myself if I wanted the position and the accompanying raise. I really didn't get it - I thought they ought to give me the raise and promotion and then I would do the work (we both knew I was capable).

After all why should I do more work than I was being paid for?

I have since grown up and realized to see things from higher management's point of view, something most employees don't take the time to do.

Another wise manager told me to always dress for the next position up. If you are an employee, dress like you are a manager (company dress code permitting of course), if you are manager then dress like a regional manager and if you are a regional manager dress like a CEO.

And don't just dress like it, work the part as much as you are allowed. Offer to take on projects that your superiors are to busy with, make time to come in and learn the tasks of the next level up so you are the natural choice for promotion.

And definitely putting in the extra hours is always recognized. Show up early, stay late, call in or swing by on your days off and make sure things are running smoothly or if you can lend a hand. Going above and beyond will pay off!

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