College Grad Job Search Volume 6
How To Humanize Your Job Search

Paul DeBettignies Listed On Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters and John Sumser have released their second in a series of lists to measure the influence individuals have within the HR and Recruiter industry. This goes along with one of John’s projects Top 100 Influencers in HR/Recruiting.

The latest list Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters has me in the #9 slot.


Here is the first list on our HR colleagues from a few weeks ago Top 25 HR Digital Influencers 2009.

I was thinking (hoping , not gonna be shy about it) that I would find myself on the last list that is to come out in October “Top 25 Digital Influencers in Third Party Recruiting” figuring if thee was ever a list for me to be on, that is the one.

So to be included on this one is pretty cool for this one man band of an IT search firm in Minneapolis.

Here are the variables measured:

    • Reach: A measure of the audience size (number of eyeballs) for each individual. Traffic.

    • Relevance: The degree to which content associated with the individual matches a cloud of keywords prepared for the analysis

    • Resonance: The number of mentions, inbound links and participation found for each individual.

      Some might say that this means I have too much free time. Actually a few someone’s have already said that to which I reply, “this is an extension of a recruiting, marketing, business development and speaking style I have been doing for years.”

      This online stuff just makes it easier.

      And sometimes too easy.

      I think frequently and on occasion will ask followers on Twitter, Facebook and my newsletter if I am providing them with content that has value. I worry that when I am Tweeting or writing about the Olympics, politics or pot holes in Minneapolis if folks think this is a waste of time. That I should focus on recruiting, job search and other business specific topics.

      In other words I think about relevance all the time. While this is as much about expressing what is on my mind it is also about hopefully providing value to those who find their way to me.

      The general response has been that yes on occasion I do ramble about something they find silly but that overall the stuff that comes out of my head is usually part educational, interesting, timely and frequently funny.

      If there is something you would like more information about, a topic be discussed, wonder what I think about the current jobs bill or want to talk about Gopher football leave a comment below or send an email.


      thomas Knoll

      Congratulations. You definitely seem like the kind of guy who prefers to let his work speak for itself, but it is nice to see you get some recognition for all you do.


      Congratulations Paul! What we like is that you are clearly comfortable with your knowledge base and with your passions made public. Others are constrained by their fear or by conservative company policy. We appreciate the example you set!

      Steve Jewell

      Congrats, Paul. This is a great recognition for your work. The upcoming Employers Association's Social Media Conference on March 18th is please to have you be our Keynote speaker!

      We all look forward to your new insights gathered from the Vegas and San Diego Expo's earlier in the month.

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