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Networking 101 Thoughts I Posted On Twitter

A couple of weeks ago after having attended quite a few networking and educational events I had some observations about networking (both my experience and watching others) and did a brain dump on Twitter through @MNHeadhunter

This will be a longer blog post in the future but many folks have requested what posted that day so here goes (reverse order):

Networking 101 BONUS: Dating, finding a doctor/attorney/place to live, where to shop, find a good movie. This is networking

In a reply to someone: There is no crying in baseball and no "rules" to networking. Be Nike, just do it

Networking 101: Networking is not about what you need or want. It is about how you can help others

Networking 101: Not reaching out is "fine" when you have a job you like, all the sales you need. How often is that?

Networking 101: Go out of your way to introduce your friends to each other

Networking 101: Find the other people who look lost, do not know anyone. Easy way to create your own circle

Networking 101: Are you going to be a wallflower or are you going to dance?

Networking 101: Does the event publicize guest list? Search for them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pipl.com

Networking 101: Do not know anyone at an event? Ask the host if they can introduce you to someone

A reply to someone: "My weakness" I learned if I do not do it in 36 hours, I do not. So I force myself. Otherwise lost opportunity

Networking 101: I get this can be awkward but this recession is a lesson that relationships matter

A reply to someone: Don't be shy, slowly nudge in. At one point they did not know each other. If you see someone you know, hop into that circle

Networking 101: START attending events not in your industry. STOP sitting next to people you know. MUST follow up



Great list, thank you! I'd add this. If you're at an event with standing space and a seating area, stand up. Even if you're naturally introverted, you make yourself a lot more approachable standing.

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