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Minnesota Business, Technology And Recruiter And HR Blogs Updated

What follows is an update (37 blogs) to my blog roll. These blogs are also added to my project.

Minnesota and US Recruiter and HR Blogs:

Minnesota Technology Blogs:

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Expanding Your Social Engagement For Career Purposes

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Resume Builder

Behind every successful person stands his social capital i.e. people who had catapulted him to success, people whom he had helped before and whose trust and support he had earned. The stronger your social relationships are and the more people you know – the more opportunities open in front of you, especially when it comes to job search. It is well known that the best job openings are not posted and advertized so it becomes crucially important to network and maximize your social relationships. Read our tips below to get to know how to do it.

How to maximize your social relationships online

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Are You Creating Your Own Circle Of Job-Dissatisfaction?

Guest post from: Kate-Madonna Hindes of Girl Meets Geek (@girlmeetsgeek)

On a recent report that came out from The Conference Board, statistics stated  U.S. Job Satisfaction at Lowest Level in Two Decades.

The report, based on a survey of 5,000 U.S. households conducted for The Conference Board by TNS, finds only 45 percent of those surveyed say they are satisfied with their jobs, down from 61.1 percent in 1987, the first year in which the survey was conducted. (U.S. Job Satisfaction at Lowest Level in Two Decades)

Those who have knowledge of the large losses that occurred in the 80's, know that a number 61% below what happened is a shocking revelation.  What exactly are employers doing to prepare for the backlash, or emotional aspect of workers who are no longer passionately tied to their positions, or company?

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How To Humanize Your Job Search

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Kevin Donlin

Question: If you've ever been hired without first meeting the employer in person, open your window and scream "Yes!"

Hear anything?

Neither do I.

Until more scientific proof turns up, just agree with me here: You can't get hired by a computer or over the phone.

Before you can work for people, you have to meet people.

And the more people you meet, the faster you'll get hired.

Here are three ways to do so, using technology to humanize your job-search efforts …

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Paul DeBettignies Listed On Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters and John Sumser have released their second in a series of lists to measure the influence individuals have within the HR and Recruiter industry. This goes along with one of John’s projects Top 100 Influencers in HR/Recruiting.

The latest list Top 25 Most Influential Online Recruiters has me in the #9 slot.


Here is the first list on our HR colleagues from a few weeks ago Top 25 HR Digital Influencers 2009.

I was thinking (hoping , not gonna be shy about it) that I would find myself on the last list that is to come out in October “Top 25 Digital Influencers in Third Party Recruiting” figuring if thee was ever a list for me to be on, that is the one.

So to be included on this one is pretty cool for this one man band of an IT search firm in Minneapolis.

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College Grad Job Search Volume 6

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: CareerAlley


"There ain't no mountain high enough" - Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson

And you thought that college was hard! Looking for a job in the best of times is difficult, even if you have experience. Looking for a job during the "Great Recession" (as they seem to be calling it) when you are fresh out of college is brutal. But this is a character building exercise as well, and if you can endure during difficult times everything else will be easy.

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What Happened To Your Resume?

Guest post from: Kate-Madonna Hindes of Girl Meets Geek (@girlmeetsgeek)

(....You're Not Seriously Handing That Out, Are You?)

I met with a client recently who had such poise and determination to move forward into her next career. She explained away the Fortune 500’s she had worked for and delicately took out her resume, (on beautiful, thick paper and placed it in front of me. She explained, “I paid a company $400 for this resume.”

I knew what would happen next, (which is what always happens when people pay mega bucks for a company that has no idea WHO they are create a resume stating they are corporate gods.)

Part of being a career consultant and coach is that my emotions must never get the better of me, (when consoling someone, or in wide-eyed confusion over a single sheet of paper.) This resume was an abomination to all resumes. If it was the end of the world and she had to fit everything on one sheet of paper or die, I might have understood the tactic.

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Networking 101 Thoughts I Posted On Twitter

A couple of weeks ago after having attended quite a few networking and educational events I had some observations about networking (both my experience and watching others) and did a brain dump on Twitter through @MNHeadhunter

This will be a longer blog post in the future but many folks have requested what posted that day so here goes (reverse order):

Networking 101 BONUS: Dating, finding a doctor/attorney/place to live, where to shop, find a good movie. This is networking

In a reply to someone: There is no crying in baseball and no "rules" to networking. Be Nike, just do it

Networking 101: Networking is not about what you need or want. It is about how you can help others

Networking 101: Not reaching out is "fine" when you have a job you like, all the sales you need. How often is that?

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Setting Yourself Up For Promotion

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Tim Houghten

One of the most powerful lessons that I have learned on my way up the ranks of management in various industries is that you should always go above and beyond the duties of your position in order to get advanced to the next level.

If you are already a manager perhaps you have realized this already, but it never ceases to be true and their is always room to move higher.

Like many other employees out there, years ago I remember one boss telling me I needed to be doing the duties of a manager and proving myself if I wanted the position and the accompanying raise. I really didn't get it - I thought they ought to give me the raise and promotion and then I would do the work (we both knew I was capable).

After all why should I do more work than I was being paid for?

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US Job Growth An Ongoing Concern

I still need to post a bunch of employment statistics from recent weeks and with this post am jumping ahead a bit.

This afternoon I had a long chat with a reporter who was curious about why my optimism about job growth was so low.

Sure it is likely we are out of the recession, corporate profits are up and some temporary hiring (a forward looking indicator) has started but we have a long, long way to go.

Here is a recent chart of job losses and duration by recession:

2008 2010 Recession Job Losses

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Paul DeBettignies To Present At Employers Association Social Media Conference

I am thrilled to accept an invitation from the Employers Association to speak at their Social Media Conference “The Time is Now” March 18th, 2010.

Employers Association is a large organization that provides services to small and medium sized companies focusing on the HR function including leadership training and employment law.

That they are putting on this event for their clients (non members are allowed to attend) is a great next step in the education they provide.

Here is info on the event:

Social Media Conference: The Time is Now

Have you been asking yourself when and how to get onboard with social media? Where do we start? What should I know before my company jumps in? Who needs to "own" your company's involvement and content? How will you monitor feedback or measure ROI? What, if anything, should be asked of your employees already using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? What are the legal considerations? Big questions, indeed. Get answers at EA's March 18 conference.

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3 Reasons I'll Read Your Resume

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Steven Coyne, Owner/Recruiter, “The Job Hunter Group"

I heard it again today, “I’ve applied to 300 jobs in the last month.”


Why would anyone waste their time like that? Sounds to me like this person was simply doing the “Click and Go” dance with his computer. I certainly understand the desperation that comes with the economic climate we all live in today, but I’m concerned.

If a job seeker would just sit back for a few minutes and consider a plan of action, concerning the goals for the day and write it down, then the day’s efforts might be a little more fruitful! More focus would be given to the list below and less work would be done with better results.

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