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College Grad Job Search Volume 6

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"There ain't no mountain high enough" - Nickolas Ashford & Valerie Simpson

And you thought that college was hard! Looking for a job in the best of times is difficult, even if you have experience. Looking for a job during the "Great Recession" (as they seem to be calling it) when you are fresh out of college is brutal. But this is a character building exercise as well, and if you can endure during difficult times everything else will be easy.

You are not alone and you should leverage your network for more than just leads. Many of the people you know (and not just your college friends) can provide valuable insight regarding the search process (what to do, where to look and what not to do). And, although it may be hard to believe sometimes, there are actually more job search resources for college grads than there are for experienced hires.

How to & Support:

  • AfterCollege – “Find the Job you want” is this site’s tag line. The site has a very clean interface on it’s main page and suggests a very simple approach: Find your school, join your network, Access exclusive jobs/events OR quickly search over 200,000 jobs (sounds like a lot to me). From the main page you can set-up an account and profile, find your school, search for jobs (with very flexible search parameters), or do a quick search. The page lists featured career networks, featured employers and “browse popular jobs”. A quick search returned over 100,000 jobs opportunities.
Job Search Boards:
  • JobDoggy – An interesting name (not sure how it ties to site’s focus), the site’s tag line is “Part-time jobs for teens, college students, and high school students”. The main page offers job search, job articles, “how it works” and an FAQ. The resources section is split between College Students and High School Students/Teens with job search, part-time jobs and seasonal jobs. Clicking on these links provides a wide range of additional resources.
  • eFinancialCareers – Graduates and Internships – This links to eFinancialCareers page for graduates and internships. There were 156 job opportunities for graduates when I checked the site. The job sector search (on the left hand side of the page) is set to graduate trainee, you can try this with other search engines as well. Select region for your country.
  • Campuscareercenter.com – This site focuses on on students and entry level jobs. The top of the page has tabs for Post Resume and Students. Clicking on Students, the center of the page lists featured employers followed by resources (resumes, interview tips, etc.). The left hand side of the page has additional links to job search and resources. You can view the featured employers job openings by clicking directly. You must register to do a search across all employers.
  • Entrylevel.computerjobs.com – This job site is focused on Tech jobs. The top of the page has a simple filter where you can type in a keyword and select your state. You can post your resume on this site as well. Click on any opportunity after conducting a search to apply directly for the job.
  • Thousands of Entry Level Jobs – Sounds like a lot (and it is). Using jobster.com, this link uses the key words “entry-level” and returned over 45,000 entry level job listings across the country. Fine tuning for a city (say, NY), returned over 50,000 job opportunities (yes, that number is correct). The same holds true if you enter the key word “graduate” (over 3,000 hits for NYC). Try this with any of the major job search engines.
It's Never too Early . . .
  • SummerJobs – It may sound a bit early for Summer jobs, but it’s not. Absent Intern positions, a summer job looks good on your resume (employers will ask what you did with your summers). The site has featured employers and a quick search function on the main page (there were over 500 job opportunities when I checked). You can register on the site and have access to additional tools. The jobs range from camp counselors to cartooning instructors. Take a look.
  • Crossroads – This is The Association for Computing Machinery, Inc’s student magazine. The main page offers a vast listing of company links to Co-op and Intern programs (too many to list here). There is also a careers page which offers additional resources.
Company Career Sites:
  • Hewlett-Packard – This page is a link to HP’s Student’s and Graduates page. The page starts with some pointers followed by a drop down where you can select your country. Using the US link as an example, the next page loads with links to the left hand side for Jobs at HP, Programs for Students & Grads, Recruitment process and more. The center of the page has a link to a student search tool. Click on the link for the search tool. There were 60 student/new grad job opportunities when I checked the site.
Good luck in your search.

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