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Guest post from: Kate-Madonna Hindes of Girl Meets Geek (@girlmeetsgeek)

On a recent report that came out from The Conference Board, statistics stated  U.S. Job Satisfaction at Lowest Level in Two Decades.

The report, based on a survey of 5,000 U.S. households conducted for The Conference Board by TNS, finds only 45 percent of those surveyed say they are satisfied with their jobs, down from 61.1 percent in 1987, the first year in which the survey was conducted. (U.S. Job Satisfaction at Lowest Level in Two Decades)

Those who have knowledge of the large losses that occurred in the 80's, know that a number 61% below what happened is a shocking revelation.  What exactly are employers doing to prepare for the backlash, or emotional aspect of workers who are no longer passionately tied to their positions, or company?

There are many websites speaking to employees and offering ways to make work more gratifying.  The Mayo Clinic came out with a recent article chronicling the different ways workers may approach their positions.

  • It's a job.  If you approach work as a job, you focus primarily on the financial rewards. In fact, the nature of the work may hold little interest for you.  What's important is the money.  If a job with more pay comes your way, you'll likely move on.
  • It's a career. If you approach work as a career, you're interested in advancement. You want to climb the career ladder as far as possible or be among the most highly regarded professionals in your field. You're motivated by the status, prestige and power that come with the job.
  • It's a calling.  If you approach your job as a calling, you focus on the work itself.  You work less for the financial gain or career advancement than for the fulfillment the work brings. (Job satisfaction: Strategies to make work more gratifying)

I want to ask two questions in return:

1.)  WHO are you hiring? With the recent tax breaks to those hiring the unemployed that was signed into law this morning, are you truly hiring an individual that will remain at your company, or is looking for a simple paycheck?  Are you putting enough value in the worker to help motivate them to stay and move up, or are you simply treating them as a robot to accomplish your tasks?

2.)  How much will you take instead of GIVE to your workforce?  With shareholders bullying for greater profits and everyone feeling the pressure- how will you resonate a diplomatic and enthusiastic presence with your employees?

Stop treating your employees like cattle and start treating them like clients: Watch what happens.

Successful corporations who treat their employees as responsible, influential idea-managers succeed far greater than those who do not.

Want statistics?  How about proof.  Pick up any Book Of Lists, or watch the top 100 companies year after year and how they are innovating the workforce: It's not just about profits, it's about people.  What better marketing than employee referrals or watching your greatest assets, (your workforce,) speak highly of you and stick up for your business instead of hiring the marketing department to spend more on reactive campaigns. 

It all starts from within, and the time to prepare is right now.

Kate-Madonna Hindes is a recognized and sought after public speaker and writer on Social Media and Passion for the Job Search.  Her blog, recently has garnered praise for showcasing strength in times of transition with humor, “voracious insight,” and a “human perspective.”


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