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3 Reasons I'll Read Your Resume

The following post is courtesy of the Recruiting Blogswap:

From: Steven Coyne, Owner/Recruiter, “The Job Hunter Group"

I heard it again today, “I’ve applied to 300 jobs in the last month.”


Why would anyone waste their time like that? Sounds to me like this person was simply doing the “Click and Go” dance with his computer. I certainly understand the desperation that comes with the economic climate we all live in today, but I’m concerned.

If a job seeker would just sit back for a few minutes and consider a plan of action, concerning the goals for the day and write it down, then the day’s efforts might be a little more fruitful! More focus would be given to the list below and less work would be done with better results.

Not all recruiters search the same way for potential candidates. They don’t post job descriptions the same way. They don’t read resumes the same way. They certainly don’t communicate the same way, which is often to the disadvantage of an excellent candidate. They all have differing levels of concern for things like ethical values, integrity and credibility. Some recruiters are educated and some are not. Some have common sense and some don’t have any sense at all.

I can’t begin to tell you how any other recruiter will process your resumé, even if I think I know them. What I will tell you is how I process resumes, and what I expect before I receive it from you. These tips should help you, by giving you the best possible chance at getting an interview…if you are honest with yourself as you prepare your resumé!

Reason #1.

You’ve given me what I want by reading the job description COMPLETELY! If you haven’t, why would you apply? Would you only read what stands out on a medicine bottle, only to find out later that there are side effects (in the small print) that may adversely affect your health? The health of your personal economic stability depends on reading completely.

If you are just posting resumes everywhere, hoping one will stick; you’re wasting YOUR time. Give me what I want by writing a short and concise cover letter. It should include a short summary of your experiences that “MATCH” the job description. If they don’t match, DON’T APPLY! If a job description is short and vague, contact me and ask for any clarification I can offer.

Make SURE you are qualified before you apply. You’ll save yourself a lot of precious time by focusing on the importance of being qualified. I don’t currently work with clients or other recruiters that will accept a candidate that has skills that are “transferable.” You are either qualified to the specifics of the job description, or you are not.

Reason #2.

If your resumé is clean and concise! (Have you made truthful changes based on the job description?)

  • Get rid your professional looking portrait (Who cares what you look like. Many hiring managers or recruiters make stupid assumptions about your looks anyway).
  • Get rid of two-tone colors.
  • Get rid of the frames around your text.
  • Use BOLD Company names and the dates you were employed there.
  • List the Company name and show in one short sentence about what industry it’s in, what your company manufactures, sells or offers as a service.
  • Do Not Ramble! Get right to the point. Recruiters get quickly tired of trying to find information that indicates your qualifications. Honestly, I do as well.

Reason #3.

When you include important phrases that stand out in the job description. If you honestly have a requirement from the job description, make sure you put it in your resumé! If I don’t know that you are qualified with the requirements, why would I call you for a phone interview? As far as I’m concerned, this one reason alone will encourage me to call you. I’ll know you read the job description and made sure that you made changes that improve your chances to get a call from me.

Save some time that will be better spent elsewhere. Become more effective in your job search by practicing the tips above. Focus on everything you can do to MAKE a recruiter or hiring manager want to call you. Start with these 3 Reasons I’ll Read Your Resume. I wish you great success!

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This is an excellent article I would recommend all jobseekers read.


It definitely is a challenge finding that balance when job searching between spending a lot of time customizing your resume / cover letter for each job you apply to vs. clicking on every "apply" button with no customization at all. I find that fellow job seekers that lean too far either way are unsuccessful in getting the calls for the interviews.

I have a fairly standard resume that I don't really customize per job. I choose to put the customization effort into the cover letter, since hopefully that's the first thing that they're looking at anyway, and hope that's enough.

Also, I'm finding more and more companies don't want you to send in a cover letter or resume and instead want you to fill in their form.


As a current job seeker I struggle with being able to figure out how many qualifications I need before applying to jobs. I find it disheartening that some think you need to meet all qualifications before applying. I am a college graduate with 10 plus years in the work force. I have worked in several different industries so I have varied experience. I find that when reading qualifications the only jobs where I meet every qualification ends with "High School Diploma or GED required". Really? I should only be applying to jobs way beneath my skill level and intelligence just because I don't meet all of the qualifications?

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