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Why Do You Follow Me On Twitter And My 2 Year Anniversary

2 years ago today I started on Twitter with @MNHeadhunter. It was my 3rd shot at Twitter and not until my buddy Katie Tierney @txaggie94 set me straight did I figure out why it might matter to me. So if you like me thank her and if you find me annoying, it’s all her fault :)

I have met a lot of people who have turned into dear friends, made placements, been invited to speak and lots of other cool things because of my sharing, collaborating and listening on Twitter.

Rather than talk about the successes I would like to evaluate my activity and since I am a “one man band” without a yearly review (other than looking at the business bottom line) I am asking you my Twitter followers the following questions:

- Why do you follow me?

- Is there value in what I talk about or just entertainment?

- What would you like to see more/less of?

- I do I Tweet too much?

- Do I get annoying and if so is there a specific topic?

- Tips you have about my use of Twitter?

- For the non MN Followers, is the MN stuff too much?

- More/less of the Recruiter or Career topics?

- Is it OK that I mix business, personal, sports, politics, etc?

Give it to me straight, I can take it and please do not just me the good stuff or things I want to hear.

Leave a comment below or do a Tweet.

Thanks for the feedback.


Bob Stanke

I follow you because I recognize you as a leader in the recruiting field and that you are from MN.

It is a mix of value (business) and entertainment (sports).

Everyone tweets at a rate they feel comfortable. I know people who tweet more than you and that is annoying. I guess the only question to ask you is, do you feel you tweet too much? Do you feel if you did more outside of Twitter that your bottom line would get bigger?

More career topics, please.

Mixing up your content is what makes you... you. I like to see personality, so that is a good mix.

Tracy Tran

I echo Bob's comment (except the MN part since I live in the DC Metro Area). Variety always makes the person more interesting to talk/tweet to.

Only thing that needs to be added: Thank Washington for giving the Minnesota owe us :)

Steve Boese

I follow since you are the flag bearer for the mighty MSP and one day, maybe soon, you will accept the coveted 'Best HR City' award from the HR Happy Hour show.

HR Minion

I started following you because it seemed like a good idea at the time... Kidding! Totally kidding. I forget when or why I started following you but I keep following because I like what you have to say.

Amybeth Hale

Paul, I honestly started following you because of your obvious love of college football. I felt like I'd found another kindred spirit to share fall Saturdays with :) I learned quickly that there was so much more to you than that, and have grown to admire you tremendously for the work you do with your local MSP recruiting and special-interest communities as well as how much of an advocate you are of proper use of social media in recruiting. Your intense approach to 2010 actually inspired me to make some pretty serious changes in my own life and schedule.

As for your tweeting, you tweet less than me, so if I were to say it was annoying I would be a hypocrite. I think your tweets are just fine; we get a mix of personal/professional and have a sense of who you truly are and what you stand for. I love honesty.

The only criticism I have for you is that I think you don't take praise as well as you should. I know it can be embarrassing to be complimented as much as I see people doing to you, but when you're doing as much as you are for other people, you deserve it. Be comfortable with the words "Thank you."

I would have much preferred to tall you these things personally but you're running so hard and fast these days it's near impossible to catch you. I suppose however it's good to let the other people who read your blog know what I think :) And you know me... everyone's entitled to my opinion, right? hehe

At any rate, I am so pleased to call you a dear and trusted friend. Keep up the good work and I'm excited to watch all these amazing things you're working on come to fruition.

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