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Top 20 2009 Traffic Sources For The MN Headhunter Blog

I do not pay much “micro” attention to blog statistics but I do watch the bigger trends. Another recruiter blogger and I are sharing statistics with each other to get a sense of what each other are doing. I will share some of that (my statistics) over the coming weeks.

According to Google Analytics here “All Traffic Sources” of the 52,813 visits to the MN Headhunter Blog in 2009:

  1. google / organic
  2. (direct) / (none)
  3. / referral
  4. yahoo / organic
  5. / referral
  6. / referral
  7. / referral
  8. / referral
  9. / referral
  10. / referral
  11. bing / organic
  12. / referral
  13. feedburner / feed
  14. aol / organic
  15. msn / organic
  16. search / organic
  17. / referral
  18. live / organic
  19. / referral
  20. / referral



Thank you for posting this Paul. This gives me a good idea for a posting around this time when it seems that everyone is posting holiday or resolution blogs you made did the "transparency post" which helps other bloggers understand how to let others know what we are all focusing on, a year in review. Thank you again,


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