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"We’ve all been blessed with God-given talents. Mine just happens to be beating people up."Sugar Ray Leonard

Talent is many sometimes subjective. Who is to say who is talented and who is not? And, like everything else, talent comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people are talented at losing their jobs, others are talented at being CEOs and most of us fall somewhere in-between.

But what exactly is "talent management", this new phrase that started popping up a few years ago in HR departments. According to Wikipedia,

"Talent management refers to the process of developing and integrating new workers, developing and retaining current workers, and attracting highly skilled workers to work for your company".

So why do I bring it up? If you are actively interviewing for HR positions, there is a very good chance that you will come across this term and/or interview for a position that has this title.

  • Talent Management Jobs on Jobster - This is a targeted job search from Jobster.com which, as hard as it may be to believe, returned over 48,000 job opportunities related to talent management. Now, of course, this search result includes the entire US and there are jobs that don't specifically have talent management in the title (but are HR jobs). You can filter your search by using Jobster's Advanced Search function and limit items such as State, City and exact phrases. You can also register (for free) at Jobster and create a job agent (or several agents) which can save you time and provide targeted job search results automatically.
  • Lucas Group - The Lucas Group is a recruiter with a specialty in Human Resources (among others). The link at the start of this paragraph links directly to their Human Resources recruiting practice and provides a brief overview in the center of the page. There is also a list of typical HR positions that they cover. There is a web form on the right hand side of the page that you can complete. At the very top of the page are a few links, one of which is "Job Seeker Resources". Clicking on this link gives you a full overview of the company including a section for registering. There is a Job Openings link on the left hand side of he page and there were 9 HR related current searches on their site when I checked.
  • iHireHR.com - iHireHR is a job search board which is dedicated to HR related jobs. You have to register to search their site and when I checked there were over 4,300 jobs related to HR. Candidates register for free (I don't know if there is any charge for some of the services).
  • PIHRA - Professionals in Human Resources Association is the long name for the acronym at the start of this bullet. As I've indicated in many prior posts, professional organizations and trade publications can be one of your best sources in job search. Using these organizations helps with your networking, knowledge base, events, and more. They have a Jobs link on the left hand side of the page which links to a page for careers with Job Seeker information on the left center of the page. Here you can post a resume, View Jobs, get job alerts and more.
  • hronline.com - This site is an online HR professionals site that provides a wealth of information. The main page has a number of links on the left hand side for News, Features and columns. Below this is a career center link. The careers page has a Search for HR Jobs and Post your Resume links. The Search for HR Jobs allows a number of filters to narrow your search. According the the site, there are over 400,000 job opportunities available through their search site.
Good luck in your search.

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