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Paul DeBettignies To Present At The Fordyce Forum 2010

I have written a few times how 2010 is shaping up to be a time when stars are aligning for me and that I am going to do some butt whooping. 2008-2009 was not fun and I am taking my revenge on 2010.

I have accepted an invitation to present at The Fordyce Forum 2010 this June in Las Vegas. This will play a big part in the whooping of 2010.

For those not familiar with The Fordyce Forum it is annual event for the Search Firm industry. Or to put it another way, this is where the Big Dogs go for their event and to be asked to speak is a big thing for me, well, anyone.

The Fordyce Letter is the source of information for the Search Firm industry and I will be able to do an article leading up to my presentation.

So what to talk about? Here it is:

11 Tools Every Search Firm Recruiter Should Use Along With Their Phone

There are only so many hours in a day and phone calls that can be made. We will talk about 11 tools every search firm and solo practitioner can use that will help with candidate generation, increase your name recognition and online presence.

Why this topic?

I find that many of my colleagues are “old school” and think the telephone is THE way to make placements. I agree that the telephone (to include the main line, secondary line and cell phone) is the primary tool but I suggest and will show how it is NOT the ONLY tool.

I will be showing how I have used these in my day to day activity along with some metrics, successes, failures and what is coming next. The material will be something that attendees can leave with and try out, practice, and/or implement right away.

For those who may be new to me, wondering why the heck I have been asked to present here is my current bio:

Paul DeBettignies is Managing Partner of Nerd Search, LLC a Minneapolis IT search firm, author of the Minnesota Headhunter blog, Co Founder and Coordinator of Minnesota Recruiters, listed as a Top 20 Minnesota Social Media Innovator, frequent speaker and article contributor on recruiter, career, networking and social media topics with his related site Be Your Own Headhunter

Here are two links for you check out the speaking gigs of the past couple years and interviews I have been a part of:

A big thank you to the folks at ERE Media for inviting me to the event and I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.


Jennifer McClure

Congratulations Paul! This is a great event for third party recruiters and well deserved recognition for you and the work you've been doing over the last few years using more than just a phone to recruit. I think you're message will not only be timely, but also respected, from someone who is in the trenches and making them work. And Vegas ain't a bad place to go for a gig. :)

Lisa Rosendahl

Congratulations Paul. Knock 'em dead!

Steve Jewell

Paul - Congrats! San Diego in March...Vegas in June...you are getting to be the John Sullivan of Minnesota! Looking forward to March 18th and all that comes before and after..well deserved!


Go Paul

Steven Rothberg

Let me know if you need directions to the airport. And I mean the MSP airport, not the one in Alexandria.

Mitchell Hislop

Congrats, buddy!!! Crush it!!!

Jessi Howard

Very nice Paul - They won't be disappointed!


Congrats Paul, That is an awesome opportunity.

Lonny Gulden

Way to go my friend! My only question is will your vocabulary change for this presentation?


Congratulations Paul! That sounds like a great opportunity. Very well deserved.

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