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"Advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on." - Jerry Della Femina

Closing the sale. That's what it is all about in Job Search, selling yourself, closing the deal, elevator speeches, etc. Intuitively, you would think that someone who is good at marketing and advertising would have an easier time selling themselves at a job interview than non-marketing types would have. And, that may just be the case.

But it doesn't make the search process any easier and closing a deal for a product is very different from closing a deal on yourself.

So what are the basics? Well to start, review some sites that focus on exactly this topic - Market yourself. There are plenty of these sites (two are listed below). Most have similar information, although a few have a slightly different slant.

This is followed by the Advertising piece. Sounds the same, but it isn't. The Marketing piece is getting all of the right material together so you can start your campaign (you know the deal - resume, cover letters, etc.). The Advertising piece is letting everyone know who you (the campaign) - one link for that as well.

  • How to Market Yourself to Employers in a Recession - This article, by resumebear.com, starts off with the same comment that I continually make - "What most job-seekers (during recessions and economic booms alike) don’t realize is that applying for jobs is a marketing problem." That is exactly it. The article does an excellent job explaining how and what you should do to market yourself.
  • How to Market Yourself - A short article provided by Spherion, provides a high level view of marketing yourself. Taking a slightly different look (like using the SWOT method - you must read it if you want to know) but providing some useful information on how to market yourself as well as other job search tools.
  • Conducting an Effective Job Search Campaign - The University of Michigan's site offered this article which provides the basics for your campaign. The usual suspects - get organized, self-assessment, targeted mailings and phone calls, etc. This particular link has a number of other links which will be of interest on the left hand side of the page.
  • Onlinemarketingjobs.com - The tag line for the site is "Job Site For Online Marketing Jobs & Careers". The site covers a broad range of jobs and careers (which is listed on the main page). The upper left-hand side of the main page has links for Job Search, Register, Jobs by email (alerts), Audio Interviews and a list of who's hiring. Featured jobs are listed on the main page with a quick search function as well. This is a global site, so you will need to set your country. Clicking on "A-Z Who's Hiring" revels a list of companies that are hiring. There were 115 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • Fristoe & Carleton - Fristoe & Carleton is a search and recruiting firm that specializes in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations recruiting. Their main page lists new opportunities and has links to Job Opportunities, FAQ'S, Resources and more. Clicking on "Job Opportunities" leads to a page that allows submitting your resume, job opportunities and career alerts. There were 11 featured jobs on their site when I checked. There is also a helpful link to "Working with Recruiters" and "About Us" provides Bios for some of the firm's staff.
  • Indeed.com - Leveraging Indeed.com's advanced job search and entering "Marketing" and "Advertising" in the field "with at least one of these words" (click here for this search) yields over 216,500 jobs. Limiting that to employers only (should filter out recruiters but is not perfect), still yields over 200,000 jobs and further limiting that to Dallas yields over 4,900 jobs. The point is, you can leverage the advanced search functions of some of the job boards to focus your search to the the opportunities that suit you.
  • Mediajobmarket.com - "The market place for media professionals" is the site's tag line. The main page hiring trends with media news on the left-hand side of the page. The center of the page has "mediajobvine" which lists current and featured jobs. Top of the page has tabs for Search Jobs, Post Your Resume, Career Resource Center and more.
Good luck in your search.

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