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Go for a business that any idiot can run - because sooner or later, any idiot probably is going to run it.” - Peter Lynch

Excellent quote, and I'm sure we've all known an idiot or two. I'd like to think that any company that makes it to the Fortune 500 is run by an intelligent person, but I'm also sure that this group of companies has seen its fair share of idiots as well.

That being said, the Fortune 500 is a rich field for job search (no pun intended) and these companies are generally the best placed for bad times and many have strongly recovered in the current recession. Of course, some also did not do well and some are no longer with us (not to say they were run by idiots, I'm sure there is some correlation).

The "Jobs from" and "Who's Hiring" series is a great place to build your list of potential employers and leverage the tools in your Job Search Marketing Toolkit. There are thousands of job opportunities in today's post.

  • PepsiCo - Ranked 52 on the list, Everyone has heard of PepsiCo. But they sell more than just sell soda. Quaker Oats and Tropicana are examples of some of the other leading brands (and non-soda) owned by PesiCo. Their main career page splits the job search into several categories: Opportunities for Professionals, Opportunities for new Grads, Time based opportunities and Career Center for help. It does look like you will need to register before using their system and searching for career opportunities.
  • Kraft Foods - Kraft is ranked 53 and, of course, is a foods company and is known for such brands as Ritz Crackers, Chips Ahoy Cookies and so much more. Their careers page starts with an overview and then has a number of links down the left hand side of the page. Links for Working for Kraft, Company Fact Sheet, Career Contacts and more are available, followed by a simple Search for Jobs link. There are special links for Recent Grads as well as experienced professionals. Choose your country in Search for Jobs, click job search and then pick professional versus hourly. There were 177 job opportunities when I checked the page.
  • Lockheed Martin - Ranked 54 on the list and is known for Aerospace and Defense. They have an excellent careers page which is filled with a number of great resources (such as a "virtual recruiter"). The center of the page is filled with background information and is embedded with additional links. This is followed by links for College Students, Experienced Professionals and Transitioning the Military. The left hand side of the page has a section where you can subscribe to receive career updates, with Job search on the top left hand side. Click on Experiences Professionals for another page filled with resources. There were over 4,000 job opportunities when I checked the page.
  • Hess - Gas and Oil (exploration, production, refining, and retail sales) sums it up for Hess which is ranked 55 on the list. Their careers page is clear and crisp, with a company overview in the middle of the page and “Choose Your Career Path” directly below (which matches some links on the left hand side of the page). The Career Path section has four choices: Experienced Professionals, University Graduates, Internships and Retail Careers. You will need to search each of the four criteria individually to see all of the job opportunities. There were 13 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • Best Buy - This retailer is ranked 56 on the list and is known for electronics. Their careers site is crisp and easy to navigate with links at the top for background and two choices in the middle of the page - Retail Careers and Corporate Careers, this is followed by a search box where you can search your career. There is an additional link for Students & Entry Level positions on the bottom left hand side of the screen. There were over 2,400 job opportunities when I checked the site.
Good luck in your search.

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