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Rant: Twitter And TweetDeck Become Less User Friendly

I am a HUGE fan of Twitter and I am a huge fan of TweetDeck. I am a big fan of the new Twitter Lists and have started putting together some really good lists like Minnesota News, Career and All Stars. I did this post a few weeks ago Twitter Lists As A Networking Tool.

But there is a huge flaw in this and if by chance someone from Twitter or TweetDeck is catching this please help me out. And by the way, I have tried other ways of getting their attention but now I am frustrated so this blog post is what they get.

Twitter Lists:

When you create a list you cannot see the @’s (or Tweets) they send to someone outside of the list that you are following. WHAT?!?!?! That makes no sense to me. I am sure that makes sense to someone but since I cannot get someone’s attention and until someone explains it to me this is silly.

It’s not like those in the Twitter list only talk to those on the list. And no, I do not want to see all their Tweets but I should be able to see their Tweets to someone I follow.

Example, I have a Minnesota Recruiter and HR List and a National Recruiter and HR List. Last Friday during our Minnesota Recruiters event on a couple of occasions a National Recruiter asked a Minnesota Recruiter a question. I did not get to see it as they are on two different lists.

So very frustrating and I have a bunch of these examples. What’s the deal Twitter?

Move on to...


So users were able to create columns of Groups. A cool tool to better manage one’s flow of information. With the coming of Twitter Lists things changed. TweetDeck made it so you can no longer create new Groups (they want you to use the Lists) but you can continue to use your old ones.

Which is what I was doing.

But I thought hey, these Lists are pretty cool so I started moving my Groups to Lists. I did not delete my groups, just in case. And just in case happened with this not seeing Tweets from “A” to “B” from different Lists.

So I started repopulating my Groups except once you move someone out of a Group you cannot move them back in.

Moral to the story I am FRUSTRATED.

I can move to Seesmic and use their platform like I have TweetDeck. The thing is I do want to create Groups from scratch. Starting over is not a great option.

Now, I may be missing something with all this but I have done a few Google searches and other than a few similarly worded questions (which have gone unanswered) I have seen little chatter about this.

I wonder: Do I use these tools different than others? Has no one noticed (I find that hard to believe)? Am I creating my own tech issue because I am not doing something right (very likely but no one will answer me)?

So Twitter and TweetDeck if you pick this up or if someone way smarter than I has an answer please, Please, PLEASE give me some direction.




frustrated is the right word. hootsuite is an alternative but watch out for their use of ow.ly frames which hijack users that click on your links.

problem is the classic one of an wild-west open architecture (twitter) with many sub-vendors..reminiscent of Microsoft windows with many hardware vendors, driver developers etc making innovation happen fast but with mass confusion as well...same result - frustration.

would love to see more write-ups on the different twitter clients.

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