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Paul DeBettignies Quoted In Minneapolis StarTribune Article “Job Searches Get Tweeter”

I am learning first hand a point that is made in this Minneapolis StarTribune career article, you never know who is watching your online activity and in this case my Twitter stream.

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Job Searches Get Tweeter

Twitter is a 140-character blogging tool that serves as a firehose of information to your desktop or smartphone. Among the valuable information you can get: job postings and tools to keep you up to date and in the know.

By Laura French, Star Tribune Sales and Marketing

November 30, 2009

Twitter allows users to create a free account, then send and receive 140 word "tweets" on almost any topic - including job-hunting.

The Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota devoted their 2009 conference in October to "Social Media and HR."

Paul DeBettignies, a Twin Cities social media expert and IT recruiter, was a presenter at the conference. He sent these "tweets" from his @MNHeadHunter Twitter account:

  • 72 percent of companies plan to invest more in recruiting through social networks.
  • Ameriprise has created an Interactive Recruiting position.
  • The "main takeaway" is "get involved now or get left behind."

Jobs On Twitter

You can get announcements sent directly to your computer or smartphone by following these Twitter users:

When Twitter Is The Job

Some companies are creating new "social media communication" positions. Anyone who plans a career in public relations, communications or HR needs to get savvy about Twitter. In addition to @MNHeadhunter, great tweeters to follow include:

  • @Mashable ("the hottest Twitter news and tips")
  • @MrChristopherL (social media guru for Twin Cities agency Sterling Cross)
  • @TechCrunch (breaking technology news from Silicon Valley)
  • @i612 (Minneapolis organization dedicated to interactive advertising)

Not all the jobs posted on Twitter are specifically social-media related.

De-stress, Get Started

Twitter can also provide respite and recreation for those involved in the job search. @GretchenRubin tweets about her personal "Happiness Project" and provides practical advice on how to de-stress. @Zen_Habits provides similar advice. On the other end of the spectrum, @MrsStephenFry is just plain funny (although not for those who are easily shocked).

Twitter can be a valuable tool even if you never post anything yourself. If you do tweet, keep your messages upbeat, optimistic and G-rated. Remember-the same HR people whose tweets you're reading may be reading yours, as well!

Laura French is principal of Words Into Action, Inc. and is a freelance writer from Roseville.


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