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Who Uses Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace As A Recruiting Or Sourcing Tool?

Who do you know who is using the following tools for Sourcing and/or Recruiting:

  • Blog
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • Twitter

Let me also add in:

  • YouTube (creating videos)
  • Podcasts
  • RSS Feeds (email subscription too)
  • Newsletter

NOTE: LinkedIn is not on the list. I am guessing everyone is using LinkedIn and if not, well that is a blog post for another day.

So the question is who do you know is using these tools to source and recruit?

  • I do not mean blogging about using Twitter. I mean actually using Twitter.
  • I am not talking about someone who has created a Fan Page on Facebook. I am talking about someone who actively uses it, has new folks coming to it and relationships, referrals and hires are coming from it.
  • Not a blog writer blabbing away about industry stuff but who in part uses it as a recruiting, sourcing, PR, relationship building tool to find candidates.

Who do you know may be a:

  • Fortune 500 company
  • Start up
  • Corporate/search/consulting firm recruiter or HR professional.

I am looking for their:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • URL’s

What I want to do with this is highlight in blog posts here who these people are. I am hoping they will want to talk about it a bit, why they do it, how much time is spent, share some of their experiences (successes and failures) and give a tip or two. I am not going to ask them to give away their “secret sauce” but some highlights we can talk about and share.

If you are going to say you are one of these people please do not make this awkward for you or I. You know if you are doing this or not. You know if you are playing around, experimenting with it or using it every day.

I get the economy and hiring is slow right now so maybe you are not making a huge number of placements but you could be developing talent pools/friends via Twitter. That’s the stuff I am looking for.

Feel free to add people (yourself) in the comments section below or send me an email



Minnesota Headhunter

Thank you Susan Burns @talentsynch for Tweeting the following people and companies:


Minnesota Headhunter

Another from Twitter...

From @DearBev:

@MNHeadhunter We certainly do @MarkhamMedia. Love to tell you why and how.


@AngelaGuidroz - Sodexo
@SDXHiresHeroes - Sodexo
Angela runs them both!
Also, I am sure you saw this from BestBuy
From @melfox1776

Amybeth Hale

You have:

Ernst & Young
Taco Bell
AT&T Jobs: College Connection

Some others have already been named. There are many more as well!

Craig Fisher

Paul, Jeff (@jlipschultz) and I (@fishdogs) do this actively for our company, A-List Solutions (@alistsoutions). But I see several of our peers getting into it as well. Geoff Webb (@radicalrecruit) is a prime example.

Cheers, Craig

Omar M. Bitar

excellent question!

You should also take a look at Hyatt Hotels ( - look for social media) as they have a integrated approach that seems to work for them.

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