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The Most Admired Companies - Who's Hiring Now Vol IX

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"If you come to a fork in the road, take it." - Yogi Berra

Maybe the most admired companies don't take the fork in the road as Yogi suggests, but they certainly do know how to navigate their business sector better than most. These are companies that you will want to consider in your job search.

Continuing to review Fortune's Most Admired Companies, today's list takes us from aerospace to retail sales. As you review each of these companies, keep in mind what has made them stand out in the crowd - financial soundness, social responsibility, people management, long-term investment, quality of products and services.

Which attributes appeal to you?

  • Boeing - Ranked at 40 on this year's list, Boeing covers a broad range of products within aerospace and their career opportunities are fairly broad. Their careers page leads with a good company overview and why you would want to work there, followed by a quick link to their job search section. The left hand side of the page has additional employment links (including Job Search, Featured Job Opportunities, Recruiting Events and more). Moving right to Job Search, there were 259 job opportunities when I checked the site, covering a broad range of job functions and locations. Their featured jobs link provides some additional focus and, like most companies these days, you can register and upload your resume.
  • Deere - This manufacturer of industrial and farm equipment is ranked 41 on the list and has operations around the world. Their career site reflects their global footprint, with a representative globe and a "select your country" drop-down box (as well as a list of countries down the left hand side of the screen). Pick your country to get started and the next page you will see has a list of links down the left hand side of the page, including: Career Growth, Job Search, College Students, Career Events and more. Click on Job Search to get started and the basic search returns all job openings (2o when I checked).
  • Nokia - Ranked 42 on the list, Nokia is probably best known for cellphones but their product range is much broader than that. Another global company, their career site has a number of tabs at the top of the page - Jobs, Diversity, Graduates, Students and more. Click Jobs to search for opportunities and then click job search. When I checked, their basic search returned 299 global job opportunities across many locations and job functions.
  • Northwestern Mutual - An insurance company, Northwestern is ranked 43 on this year's list. Their careers section has three different links (accessed from the careers tab at the top right of the page) for career choices as a Financial Representative, Intern or Corporate. The link at the start of this paragraph is the Corporate opportunities page. Their Corporate Careers page offers Register, Log In and Search from the right hand side of the page with additional links to Join Our Team, Life at Northwestern, Career Insights (and more) located center page. Clicking on Job Search returned 10 jobs when I checked, you should also review the other links for opportunities at this company.
  • Best Buy - Ranked 44 on the list, Best Buy is best known as an electronics retailer. Their main careers page is well done, with two main selections from the middle of the page - Retail, Services and Distribution OR Corporate Careers. You can also do a keyword search directly below this section, click on Why Work at Best Buy, Students and Entry Positions and more. Click on Search Jobs to see all of the jobs (there were over 2,400 jobs when I checked the site). Plenty of jobs here!
Good luck in your search.

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